Name : Watermark Sense

Size 10 MB

Watermark Sense for Mac free download

Watermark Sense is a powerful application designed to help you protect your intellectual property, promote your brand, and add informational overlays to multiple images simultaneously. It offers extensive customization and automation capabilities, making it ideal for both professional and casual users who need to watermark a large number of images efficiently.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Watermarking:

  • Text and Image Watermarks: Supports both types, giving you flexibility in how you mark your images.
  • Customizable Appearance: Adjust watermark opacity, choose blending modes, apply shadows, and replicate watermarks for creative results.
  • Metadata-Based Text Watermarks: Generate text watermarks from image EXIF/IPTC metadata for automated and informative overlays.
  • Flexible Blending Options: Achieve the desired visual effect with a rich set of fine-tuning options.

Batch Processing:

  • Custom Presets: Save watermark configurations and export settings as presets. Apply multiple watermarks or save images with different watermarks in a single batch operation.
  • Live Preview: See the final watermarked image in real-time, ensuring the output meets your expectations.
  • Manual Positioning: For better control, manually position watermarks on individual images with the option to synchronize positioning across multiple images.

Additional Features:

  • Batch Rotation and Flipping: Rotate and flip images in bulk.
  • Metadata Editing: Edit EXIF/IPTC metadata as part of the batch process.
  • Powerful Renaming: Rename files during the batch processing for better organization.

Resize Sense Integration:

  • Seamless Integration: Works with Resize Sense, a batch image resizing and cropping utility, to form a comprehensive image processing toolset. Together, they offer a robust solution for web publishing and other image processing needs.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.10 or later.
  • Homepage: For more information, visit Watermark Sense.

Watermark Sense is an efficient tool for batch watermarking, providing a range of customization options and automation capabilities that save time and enhance productivity. Its integration with Resize Sense further extends its functionality, making it a valuable asset for anyone needing to process large quantities of images.