Name : Parallels Toolbox Business Edition

Size: 800 MB

Parallels Toolbox Business Edition for Mac free Download

Parallels Toolbox offers a comprehensive suite of over 30 tools designed to enhance productivity and efficiency on macOS. This versatile software caters to a wide range of users, including creative professionals, students, small business owners, IT managers, and multitaskers, providing an easy-to-use interface without the need for complex system configurations.

Key Features:

System Utilities:

  • Airplane Mode: Quickly disable all wireless communications.
  • Alarm: Set alerts with custom notifications and sounds.
  • Archive: Create compressed, password-protected archives from multiple files.
  • Clean Drive: Scan and remove unnecessary files to free up disk space.
  • Clipboard History: Store and manage clipboard items for up to 30 days.
  • Find Duplicates: Identify and remove duplicate files.
  • Free Memory: Optimize memory usage and release inactive memory.
  • Hidden Files: Toggle the visibility of hidden files and folders.
  • Lock Screen: Instantly lock your screen for security.
  • Uninstall Apps: Thoroughly remove applications and their associated files.
  • World Time: View local times for cities worldwide in the menu bar.

File and Media Management:

  • Capture Area, Screen, or Window: Take screenshots of selected areas, windows, or the entire screen.
  • Convert Video: Convert videos to formats compatible with iPhone or iPad.
  • Download Audio/Video: Download media files from the internet.
  • Eject Volume: Unmount all mounted volumes, including external drives and network volumes.
  • Make GIF: Create animated GIFs from videos.
  • Resize Images: Resize images and convert them to different formats.
  • Screenshot Page: Capture entire webpages in PDF, PNG, or JPEG formats.
  • Unarchive: Unpack various archive formats, including 7z, RAR, RPM, XAR, and Z.

Productivity Enhancers:

  • Do Not Disturb: Disable notifications and animations to focus on tasks.
  • Do Not Sleep: Prevent the computer from sleeping or dimming the display.
  • Launch: Open multiple items (apps, documents, links) simultaneously.
  • Presentation Mode: Minimize distractions during presentations by blocking notifications and hiding desktop icons.
  • Sleep Timer: Set a countdown to put the computer to sleep or shut it down.
  • Stopwatch: Measure elapsed time with start, stop, and reset functionalities.
  • Timer: Set a countdown timer with a notification sound.
  • Switch Resolution: Quickly change display resolutions and orientations from the menu bar.

Multimedia Tools:

  • Audio Trimmer: Trim audio files.
  • Audio Joiner: Merge multiple audio files.
  • Audio Mixer: Mix different audio tracks.
  • Voice Changer: Adjust the tempo and pitch of audio files.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduce background noise in audio files.
  • Audio Governor: Control audio playback speed.
  • Record Area, Screen, or Window: Record video from selected areas, windows, or the entire screen with audio.
  • Record Audio: Record audio using the Mac’s built-in or external microphone.
  • Take Photo/Video: Capture photos or videos using the Mac’s camera.

Additional Features:

  • Date Countdown: Set up countdowns to specific dates with visual reminders.
  • Energy Saver: Extend battery life by enabling energy-saving settings.
  • Hide Desktop: Hide all icons on the desktop with a single click.
  • Hide Menu Icons: Hide unused menu bar icons for a cleaner interface.
  • Mute Microphone: Mute the microphone to prevent unauthorized listening.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Processors: Compatible with both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.
  • Homepage: For more information, visit Parallels Toolbox.

Parallels Toolbox simplifies daily tasks with a wide array of tools, offering an all-in-one solution that replaces the need for multiple individual applications, enhancing your Mac experience with a single click.