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Download Pixelmator Pro for Mac v- 3.5.8


Name : Pixelmator Pro

Size : 612 MB

Pixelmator Pro for Mac free Download

Pixelmator Pro is an image editor tailored for Mac users, combining professional-grade editing tools with an intuitive interface. Here’s a summary of its features:

Exceptional Design and Functionality:

  • Modern single-window interface designed for Mac users
  • Intuitive and accessible design, suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Dark and light mode appearances adapt to macOS settings
  • Customizable interface with workspace presets for various creative tasks
  • Photos extension allows editing within the Photos app, saving edits directly to the library

Professional Tools:

  • Comprehensive set of nondestructive editing tools for enhancing and creating images
  • Edit nondestructively, adjusting changes individually at any time
  • Move, resize, and arrange objects easily for stunning compositions
  • Color adjustments powered by machine learning for precise adjustments
  • Superior support for RAW files, preserving extended range data
  • Handcrafted, customizable brushes for digital or traditional paintings
  • Built-in effects for artistic and special effects, with the ability to create custom presets
  • Retouching tools for removing imperfections, cloning, and adjusting specific areas
  • Reshaping tools for modifying object shapes
  • Vector graphics library and Pen tool for creating and editing vector graphics
  • Typography tools for designing text with various styles and effects
  • Batch processing and Automator actions for efficient workflows
  • Full-featured AppleScript support for automation

Image Editing Enhanced by Machine Learning:

  • Repair tool for magically removing objects with realistic results
  • ML Enhance intelligently enhances photos based on professional photo data
  • ML Super Resolution zooms and enhances image resolution
  • ML Match Colors automatically matches the look of one photo to another
  • ML Denoise removes noise and compression artifacts while preserving details
  • Quick Selection tool for making accurate selections effortlessly


  • Supports popular image formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, HEIF, SVG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, WebP, and JPEG-2000
  • Opens and edits Photoshop images with layers
  • Opens and edits SVG vector images
  • Share images via Photos, Mail, AirDrop, and other platforms

Built Exclusively for Mac:

  • Designed exclusively for macOS, integrating seamlessly with macOS features
  • Compatible with macOS Big Sur
  • Compatibility: macOS 12.0 or later

Pixelmator Pro offers a powerful yet user-friendly environment for editing images on Mac. You can find more information and download Pixelmator Pro from the Mac App Store.

Affinity Photo for Mac free Download v-2.4.2


Name : Affinity Photo

Size : 924 MB

Affinity Photo for Mac free Download

Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing software for Mac that redefines the boundaries of photo editing with its powerful tools and intuitive interface. Here are some key features of Affinity Photo:

Professional Editing Tools:

  • Affinity Photo offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing, and retouching images.
  • Users can work with a variety of color spaces including RGB, CMYK, Greyscale, and LAB, and benefit from end-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC color management.
  • It supports full 16 and 32-bit per channel editing, ensuring high-quality results for professional projects.

Compatibility and Performance:

  • Users can open, edit, and save Photoshop PSD files seamlessly, making it easy to collaborate with users of other software.
  • Affinity Photo supports a wide range of standard formats including PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS, EXR, HDR, and PDF.
  • The software offers live panning and zooming at 60fps, with live previews, live tools, and real-time editing, ensuring smooth and responsive performance.
  • Users can open and edit massive images without compromising performance or running out of memory.

What’s New in Version 2.4.2:

  • Specific release notes for version 2.4.2 were not available at the time of this listing update.

Affinity Photo is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later. It provides professional-grade photo editing capabilities in an intuitive interface, making it suitable for both professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. You can learn more and download Affinity Photo from the official website: Affinity Photo Homepage

Adobe Bridge 2024 for Mac v14.0.3


Name : Adobe Bridge 2024

Size : 2.6 GB

Adobe Bridge 2024 for Mac free Download

Adobe Bridge provides a centralized platform for accessing all the files and assets essential for your creative projects. It streamlines your workflow by enabling you to organize personal and team assets, batch edit with ease, add watermarks, set centralized color preferences, and even upload photos to Adobe Stock. With its latest updates and integration with CC Libraries, Adobe Bridge enhances your creative process and keeps you organized.

Key Features:

  1. Bulk Import, Export, and Preview CC Libraries Assets: Easily manage your CC Libraries assets by importing, exporting, and previewing them in bulk directly within Adobe Bridge.
  2. Edit Photo Capture Time: Adjust the capture time of JPEG and RAW image files, similar to Adobe Lightroom, allowing for seamless editing after capturing images.
  3. Export/Import Network Cache: Share a cache with other Bridge users, enabling them to use the shared cache instead of creating a new one, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.
  4. Native PDF Output Module: Generate PDF outputs directly within Adobe Bridge, simplifying document creation and management.
  5. Upload Images to Adobe Stock: Easily upload images to Adobe Stock and earn royalties for your work, directly from Adobe Bridge.
  6. Retina and HiDPI Display Support: Enjoy crisp and clear visuals on Retina and HiDPI displays, with the ability to scale as needed.
  7. Automated Cache Management: Streamline cache management with automated processes, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  8. Publishing to Adobe Portfolio: Build your personalized website with ease by publishing directly to Adobe Portfolio from Adobe Bridge.
  9. Quick Organization of Panoramic and HDR Images: Organize panoramic and HDR images efficiently with quick organization and stacking features.
  10. On-Demand Thumbnail and Metadata Generation: Generate thumbnails and metadata on-demand, enhancing performance and accessibility.
  11. Support for CEP HTML5: Utilize CEP HTML5 support for enhanced flexibility and customization.
  12. Flexible Batch Processing: Process batches of files with ease, saving time and effort in your workflow.
  13. Drag-and-Drop File Flexibility: Seamlessly move files and folders across Bridge and File Explorer or Finder with drag-and-drop functionality.


  1. Consistent User Experience: Enjoy an enhanced user interface for a consistent experience with other Creative Cloud applications.
  2. Enhanced Creative Cloud Libraries: View high-quality previews of library items and select multiple items to see previews together.
  3. Centralized Cache Management: Share a cache with other Bridge users, manage cache preferences, and optimize performance with enhanced cache management options.
  4. Support for XD File Formats: Preview, generate thumbnails, tag metadata, and add keywords for Adobe XD files.
  5. Media Cache Preferences: Set preferences for media cache to improve performance and optimize disk space usage.
  6. Cut, Copy, or Move Files and Folders: Perform file and folder operations seamlessly between Bridge and File Explorer or Finder for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

With compatibility for macOS 12 or later and support for Apple Silicon or Intel Core processors, Adobe Bridge provides a comprehensive solution for organizing and managing your creative assets. Visit the Adobe website for more information and to explore its features in depth.

Capture One Pro for Mac


Name : Capture One Pro

Size : 963 MB

Capture One Pro for Mac free Download

Capture One 23 stands as a premier RAW converter, renowned for delivering unparalleled image quality characterized by stunning colors and intricate details, supporting over 500 high-end camera models. Boasting cutting-edge tethered capture capabilities, robust digital asset management features, an extensive array of adjustment tools, and a flexible workflow customizable to your preferences, Capture One empowers professional photographers with a comprehensive imaging solution.

With an updated processing engine, top-notch performance, and innovative new features, Capture One remains the preferred choice among imaging professionals. Experience the responsiveness of precision tools that enable you to produce breathtaking images from your camera’s RAW files, all within a streamlined workflow designed to optimize efficiency.

Key features and enhancements of Capture One 23 include:

  1. Speed Edit: Enhance your editing workflow with intuitive and responsive Speed Edit tools.
  2. Dehaze: Effortlessly remove haze from your images for clearer, more vibrant results.
  3. Improved importer: Enjoy a smoother importing process for increased efficiency.
  4. General User Experience Improvements and Tweaks: Enhance overall usability and functionality with various tweaks and improvements.
  5. HEIF Support: Seamlessly work with HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) files for enhanced versatility.
  6. Easy Brush Adjusting: Simplify brush adjustments for more precise editing.
  7. Enhanced Performance: Benefit from improved performance to ensure a smoother editing experience.
  8. Colored Gradients on White Balance Sliders: Streamline white balance adjustments with colored gradients for visual clarity.
  9. Enhanced Tooltips: Access informative tooltips for a better understanding of tool functionalities.
  10. Easy Access to Tutorials: Quickly access tutorials to master Capture One’s advanced features and techniques.

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later

Capture One 23 continues to set the standard for professional-grade imaging software, providing photographers with the tools and capabilities needed to achieve outstanding results. Visit the official website at to learn more about Capture One 23 and its features.

Adobe Photoshop 2024 for Mac v25.6.0


Name : Adobe Photoshop 2024

Size : 6.2 GB

Adobe Photoshop 2024 for Mac free Download

Adobe Photoshop, a recognized classic in photo-enhancing software, offers a comprehensive range of tools to turn your inspiration into incredible images, photos, composites, 3D artwork, paintings, and graphics on any device. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Photoshop has become the choice of thousands of creative professionals around the world since its introduction in 1988.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive and Clean User Interface: Despite being the most comprehensive graphics and image-editing software available, Photoshop features an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. With recent usability improvements, the photo-editor has become even more enjoyable to use. The interface provides updates on new features, suggests learning content, and allows quick access to recent files and existing documents.
  2. Content-Aware Fill Workspace: Adobe introduced the Content-Aware Fill workspace, which makes it easier than ever to remove objects or distracting elements from images. This new option offers an interactive editing experience, allowing users to take full control over which parts of the picture to use for replacing undesired areas.
  3. New Tools: The latest version of Photoshop introduces a new Frame Tool for simpler masking, allowing users to place shapes and text into placeholder frames and fill them with pictures. Additionally, multiple undo is now the default feature, ensuring that users can easily revert changes and view objects before applying alterations.

What’s New in Version 2024 v25.6.0:

Release notes for this version were unavailable at the time of listing.

Compatibility: macOS v10.15 or later

Language: Multilingual

With Adobe Photoshop, you can unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life with powerful editing tools and innovative features. Whether you’re a professional photographer, graphic designer, or digital artist, Photoshop provides the tools you need to create stunning visuals on desktops and iPads.

For more information and to download Adobe Photoshop, visit the Adobe website.

Adobe Lightroom Classic 2024 v13.1 Mac


Name : Adobe Lightroom Classic 2024

Size : 3.5 GB

Adobe Lightroom Classic 2024 for Mac free Download

Lightroom Classic is a desktop application optimized for photo editing and organization. With powerful one-click tools and advanced controls, you can enhance your photos and make them look amazing. Easily organize all your photos on your desktop and share them in various ways.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Editing Tools: Lightroom Classic offers a wide range of editing tools to bring out the best in your photographs. You can punch up colors, enhance dull-looking shots, remove distracting objects, and straighten skewed shots.
  2. Improved Performance: The latest release of Lightroom Classic offers improved performance, allowing you to import photos, generate previews, and move between Library and Develop modules faster than ever.
  3. Range Masking: Use range masking tools to easily select areas or objects in your photos based on their color, luminance, or depth.
  4. HDR Panoramas: Create HDR panoramas faster by merging multiple bracketed exposures into HDR photos and stitching them into panoramas in one step.
  5. Cloud-Based Lightroom Photo Service: Go beyond the desktop and access your photos from anywhere with the cloud-based Lightroom photo service. Store and access your full-resolution photos in the cloud, find photos quickly with auto-tagging, and edit them from any device using an intuitive interface.
  6. GPU Support: Accelerate image editing with GPU support, enhancing your editing experience.
  7. Color Labels: Organize your collections with color labels for collections, collection sets, and smart collections.
  8. Support for New Cameras and Lenses: Lightroom Classic adds support for new cameras and lens profiles, ensuring compatibility with the latest equipment.


  • macOS 10.15 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

Lightroom Classic is the go-to solution for photographers who want powerful editing tools and efficient organization capabilities. With its advanced features and improved performance, it’s the perfect choice for professional and amateur photographers alike.

For more information and to download Lightroom Classic, visit the Adobe website.

Topaz Gigapixel AI for Mac 7.0.5


Name : Topaz Gigapixel AI

Size : 225 MB

Topaz Gigapixel AI for Mac free Download

Gigapixel AI is an advanced photo enlargement software that utilizes machine learning technology to upscale images while preserving image quality. Here are some key features of Gigapixel AI:

  1. Enlarge Images by up to 600%: Gigapixel AI allows you to upscale your photos by up to 600%, enabling you to create large prints or transform DSLR photos into ultra-detailed images.
  2. Truly Intelligent Upscaling: After being trained with millions of sample images, Gigapixel AI can enlarge your images with a surprising level of quality. It performs around 2 million operations per pixel to preserve detail and sharpness.
  3. Crisp and Clear Results: Gigapixel AI delivers crisp and clear results by recovering real details in your upscaled photos. It increases actual sharpness by analyzing and enhancing image features while suppressing noise.
  4. No More Fuzzy Enlargements: Unlike traditional interpolation-based methods, Gigapixel AI adds new detail to your upscaled photos using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms. This results in sharp and detailed images that look like they were never enlarged.
  5. Used by Professionals: Gigapixel AI is trusted by leading photographers, video game modders, and major motion studios for its exceptional results. Whether you’re enlarging photos for print or digital use, Gigapixel AI provides the highest-quality image upscaling available.
  6. Interpolation vs. Machine Learning: While interpolation algorithms approximate new pixels based on surrounding colors, Gigapixel AI’s neural network analyzes photo pairs to learn how details are lost and adds new detail to upscaled images.

Overall, Gigapixel AI is a powerful tool for photographers and digital artists looking to upscale their images with unparalleled quality and detail preservation.

To learn more about Gigapixel AI or to download the software, you can visit the official homepage: Gigapixel AI Homepage

Topaz Photo AI for Mac free Download 2.4.2


Name : Topaz Photo AI

Size : 341 MB

Topaz Photo AI for Mac free Download

Topaz Photo AI is a powerful tool designed to enhance the quality of your photos using cutting-edge AI technology. Here are some key features of Topaz Photo AI:

  1. Sharpening: Topaz Photo AI utilizes AI technology to naturally correct the root causes of blurriness in your photos, such as camera shake, motion blur, and misfocus. This ensures that your photos are sharp and crisp, allowing you to capture every detail with precision.
  2. Noise Reduction: The software includes advanced noise reduction algorithms to reduce noise in your photos, resulting in smoother and more visually appealing images. This feature is particularly useful in low-light conditions or when using high ISO settings.
  3. Resolution Enhancement: With Topaz Photo AI, you can enhance the resolution of your photos, allowing you to capture more detail and clarity in your images. This feature is especially beneficial when enlarging photos or working with images that have low resolution.
  4. Artistic Vision: While AI technology excels in enhancing image quality, it is important to remember that exceptional photography is the result of a blend of artistic vision and cutting-edge tools. Topaz Photo AI empowers you to unleash your creativity and create images that were previously unattainable with older tools.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The software features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily sharpen, reduce noise, and enhance the resolution of your photos with just a few clicks. This makes it accessible to both amateur and professional photographers alike.

Overall, Topaz Photo AI is a valuable tool for photographers looking to enhance the quality of their photos with AI technology. Whether you’re sharpening blurry images, reducing noise, or enhancing resolution, Topaz Photo AI provides the tools you need to take your photography to the next level.

To learn more about Topaz Photo AI or to download the software, you can visit the official homepage: Topaz Photo AI Homepage

Download Affinity Photo 2.4.1


Name : Affinity Photo

Size : 924 MB

Affinity Photo for Mac free Download

Affinity Photo sets a new standard for professional photo editing software on macOS, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for enhancing, editing, and retouching images. Here are some key features of Affinity Photo:

  1. Open and Edit Photoshop PSD Files: Seamlessly open, edit, and save Photoshop PSD files, ensuring compatibility with industry-standard workflows.
  2. Color Spaces and ICC Color Management: Support for RGB, CMYK, Greyscale, and LAB color spaces, along with end-to-end CMYK workflows and ICC color management for accurate color reproduction.
  3. High-Bit Depth Editing: Full 16 and 32-bit per channel editing capabilities, allowing for precise adjustments and manipulation of images with high color depth.
  4. Wide Range of Supported Formats: Work with standard image formats like PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS, EXR, HDR, and PDF, providing flexibility in importing and exporting files.
  5. Smooth Performance: Enjoy smooth performance with live panning and zooming at 60 frames per second (fps), live previews, live tools, and real-time editing, even when working with large images.
  6. Optimized for Large Images: Open and edit massive images without compromising performance or running out of memory, ensuring smooth editing of high-resolution files.

The latest version, 2.4.1, brings unspecified improvements and enhancements, further enhancing the user experience and performance of Affinity Photo.

Compatibility: Affinity Photo is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later.

Visit the official homepage to learn more and download Affinity Photo: Affinity Photo Homepage

RAW Power for Mac free Download 3.4.20


Name : RAW Power

Size : 62 MB

RAW Power for Mac free Download

RAW Power® is a powerful photo editing application designed for macOS, offering advanced RAW editing capabilities, seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, and a comprehensive set of features for organizing and enhancing your photos. Here’s an overview of its functionalities:


  1. Advanced RAW Editing: RAW Power leverages Apple’s RAW engine, providing advanced adjustments that enhance photos in ways impossible with other applications. It offers unique adjustments like Boost, previously only available in Aperture.
  2. Organize and Manage: RAW Power can organize and manage your Photos Library, fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library for seamless syncing across devices.
  3. Finder Support: Acting as a standalone image editor, RAW Power allows you to quickly browse any folder on your disk, providing fast, non-destructive RAW processing.
  4. Rate and Filter: Easily filter photos by file type, rating, flag, and edit state. Ratings and flags sync over iCloud Photos for consistent organization.
  5. Cross-Platform Editing: Start editing on one device and continue seamlessly on another using RAW Power 3 for iOS (separate purchase). It also functions as a Photos editing extension with all adjustments available.
  6. Batch Processing: Apply presets, paste adjustments, and export images in batches, streamlining your workflow.

Organization and Display:

  • Zoom up to 800% for precise adjustments.
  • Create, delete, and arrange albums in your Photo library.
  • View metadata such as file name, shot information, and location with a map.
  • Browse folders or albums, pick favorite folders, and open and edit multiple files simultaneously.
  • Thumbnail Grid with badges for edit state, file type, rating, and flags.
  • Export with control over size, format, profile, and name.

Real-Time Editing:

  • Compatible with hundreds of cameras, including iPhone RAW.
  • Unparalleled highlight recovery and real-time control of Apple’s RAW processing.
  • Auto Enhance, Auto White Balance, Auto Levels, and Auto Curves for quick adjustments.
  • Histogram with Clipping Indicators and Hot Pixels Overlay.
  • Advanced editing features like LUTs, Crop and Straighten, Rotate and Flip, White Balance, Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy, Local Contrast, Curves, Levels, Depth Effect, Chromatic Aberration correction, Perspective correction, Black & White conversion, Vignette, and more.
  • Metal-based image processing engine for better performance.
  • Fully non-destructive editing with all changes stored in sidecars.
  • Real-time, GPU-accelerated sliders.
  • Customizable Presets and Copy / Paste of adjustments.


  • Requires macOS 10.14 or later.

Homepage: For more information and to download RAW Power, visit the official homepage on the Mac App Store: RAW Power®

RAW Power® provides photographers with a comprehensive set of tools for editing, organizing, and enhancing their photos, making it a valuable asset for professionals and enthusiasts alike within the macOS ecosystem.

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