Name : Pro Microphone

Size : 51 MB

Mac software Pro Microphone 1.5.1

The “Voice & Music Recording Studio” app, also referred to as “Pro Microphone,” is designed to provide beginner singers and anyone interested in recording their voice with a versatile and user-friendly recording studio experience on macOS. This app offers various microphone types and sound effects, enabling users to create recordings and loops with multiple slots. Here are some key features and information about this app based on the details you provided:

Key Features of Voice & Music Recording Studio:

  1. Various Microphone Types: The app offers different microphone types, including dynamic, stage, valve, condenser, and others. Each microphone type is designed to provide its unique sound effects. Users can choose the microphone that suits their preference and style.
  2. Microphone Information: The app provides detailed information about each microphone type, including its frequency response. This information can help users select the right microphone for their recording needs.
  3. Recording and Looping: Users can record their voice or music and create loops using multiple slots. This feature allows for creative recording and layering of audio tracks.
  4. Backing Tracks: The app offers various backing tracks that users can use in their recordings. This can be particularly useful for singers who want to sing along to music or create music tracks.
  5. Custom Backing Tracks: Users can easily add their own backing tracks by dragging and dropping files into the app. They can also edit the backing tracks as needed to match their preferences.
  6. New Version Updates: The app’s new version includes several updates, such as a how-to-use tutorial, cloud storage, and bug fixes to improve user experience and functionality.

Voice & Music Recording Studio is compatible with macOS 10.12 or later, which means it can be used on Mac computers running macOS Sierra and newer versions.

Official Homepage:
For more detailed information about Voice & Music Recording Studio and to access the app, you can visit the official app page on the iTunes App Store using the provided link: Voice & Music Recording Studio on iTunes.

This app can be a valuable tool for beginner singers and music enthusiasts who want to record their voices and create music tracks on their Mac computers. It offers a variety of microphone options and recording features to help users get started with their musical projects.