Name : zFuse Pro

Size : 56 MB

Mac player zFuse Pro 1.7.30

zFuse Pro is a media player application for macOS that offers a range of features for video playback, including the ability to simultaneously open multiple instances, video rotation, hardware acceleration, and support for various video formats and audio formats. It also includes features like HDR Tone Mapping, media preview during seeking, audio enhancement, multi soundtrack selection, subtitle support, and more. Here are some key characteristics and details about zFuse Pro based on the information you provided:

Key Features of zFuse Pro:

  1. Simultaneously Open Multiple Instances: Users can open and run multiple instances of the zFuse Pro media player simultaneously, which can be useful for multitasking and managing different media files.
  2. Video Rotation: The app allows users to rotate videos, making it convenient for watching movies or videos in different orientations, such as when lying down.
  3. Hardware Acceleration: zFuse Pro supports hardware acceleration, which can enhance video playback performance on compatible systems.
  4. HDR Tone Mapping: This feature enables HDR Tone Mapping on non-HDR displays, enhancing the quality of high dynamic range content.
  5. Media Preview in Seeking: Users can preview media content while seeking through a video, making it easier to find specific scenes or moments.
  6. Built-in Audio Enhancement: The app includes built-in audio enhancement features to improve the audio quality of media playback.
  7. Multi Soundtrack Selection: Users can select from multiple soundtracks when available in media files.
  8. Subtitle Support: zFuse Pro supports embedded and external subtitle-track selection, subtitle synchronization, and external subtitle font selection.
  9. Playback Speed Control: Users can adjust the playback speed from 0.5x to 3.0x for flexible viewing.
  10. Zoom Screen: The app allows users to zoom in and out of the screen, providing customization for the viewing experience.
  11. Blu-ray ISO Playback: Users can directly load Blu-ray ISO files for playback.
  12. Audio Output Settings: zFuse Pro supports audio output format switching, sample rate switching, and channels switching.
  13. Function/Shortcut Keys: Various function and shortcut keys are available for easy navigation and control, including full-screen mode, pause/play, and more.

zFuse Pro is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later, which means it can run on Mac computers running macOS Catalina and newer versions.

Mac App Store:
For more detailed information about zFuse Pro, including pricing and download options, you can visit the official zFuse Pro page on the Mac App Store using the provided link: zFuse Pro on Mac App Store.

zFuse Pro appears to be a feature-rich media player for macOS, offering various tools and options for advanced video playback, audio enhancement, and subtitle support. Users looking for a versatile media player may find it useful for their media playback needs.