Name : PixelStyle Photo Editor

Size : 71 MB

Download PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac 4.3.0

PixelStyle Photo Editor is a versatile image editing tool with a wide range of features and capabilities. Here are some of the key features offered by PixelStyle Photo Editor:

Useful Photo Editing Tools:

  1. Text Tool:
  • Change text settings such as bolding, italics, and kerning.
  • Draw text along a path.
  1. Image Editing Tools:
  • Cloning, smudging, alpha channel editing, cropping, paint bucket, gradient filling, and more.
  • Red-eye removal tool.
  • RGBalpha and alpha channel editing tools.
  1. Drawing Tools:
  • Adjustable pressure sensitivity for basic drawing, pixel-drawing, and texture painting.
  1. Free Transformation Tools:
  • Zoom, move, resize, rotate, skew, align, and free perspective transformation.
  1. Multipath Selection and Editing Tool.

Photo Adjustments:

  1. Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, value adjustments.
  2. White point adjustment.
  3. Monochrome, color ramp, convert to grayscale.
  4. Invert, curve, gamma adjust, posterize, sepia, threshold.

Layers System:

  1. Non-destructive layer effects: strokes, inner glow, outer glow, shadows, fills, etc.
  2. Layer adjustments: sharpen, blur, exposure, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc.
  3. Single-layer operations: rotate, resize, move, align, arrange, integrate, scale, trim to edges.
  4. Multi-layers management: duplicate and batch operation.

Flexible Compatibility:

  1. Work on popular formats: png, jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, svg, raw, heic, jpeg, tiff, pict, etc.
  2. Export images to svg, pdf, bmp, png, tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, jp2.
  3. Save files as projects for future editing.

Dozens of High-quality Filters:

  1. Blur effects: Gaussian blur, motion blur, zoom blur.
  2. Distortion effects: bump distortion, circle splash distortion, twirl distortion, etc.
  3. Enhance effects: contrast sharpen, sharpen, exposure, median, noise reduction.
  4. Generate effects: checkerboard, halo, spotlight, starshine, etc.
  5. Halftone effects: circular screen, CMYK halftone, dot screen, hatched screen, etc.
  6. Stylize effects: bloom, color edges, crystallize, displacement distortion, etc.
  7. Tile effects: kaleidoscope tile, parallelogram tile, perspective tile, etc.


  • macOS 10.12 or later.

For more details or to download the application, you can visit the Mac App Store.