Name : Raya Pro 5.0 – The Ultimate Luminosity Mask Plugin For Photoshop

Size : 27 MB

Raya Pro 5.0 – The Ultimate Luminosity Mask Plugin For Photoshop Free Download

Raya Pro is a Photoshop panel that serves as a powerful post-processing tool for photographers. It simplifies the post-processing workflow and offers various features to enhance and transform your photos into works of art. Here’s an overview of Raya Pro’s capabilities and its official website:

Key Features:

  1. Luminosity Mask Software: Raya Pro initially gained recognition as one of the most powerful luminosity mask software tools available. Luminosity masks allow for advanced and precise adjustments to different tonal areas of your photos.
  2. Streamlined Workflow: The panel is designed to simplify the post-processing workflow in Photoshop, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
  3. Digital Blending: Raya Pro includes features for digital blending, which is a technique used to merge multiple exposures or images into a single composite with improved dynamic range and visual impact.
  4. Enhancement Tools: The panel provides tools for enhancing photos, such as sharpening, contrast adjustments, and color grading.
  5. Artistic Effects: Raya Pro can be used to apply artistic effects to your images, allowing you to achieve specific looks and styles.
  6. Masking: The panel offers advanced masking capabilities, enabling precise selections and adjustments.
  7. HDR and Panorama Support: You can use Raya Pro for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and panorama processing, helping you create stunning panoramic images with improved dynamic range.


  • Raya Pro is designed to work with Adobe Photoshop.

Official Website:

  • You can learn more about Raya Pro and access the panel from the official website: Raya Pro Homepage