Name : RAW Power

Size : 62 MB

RAW Power For Mac free Download

RAW Power: Advanced RAW Photo Editing and Management for macOS

RAW Power is a versatile photo editing tool for macOS, offering advanced RAW editing capabilities, seamless integration with Finder and Apple Photos, and powerful organization features. Designed to cater to both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts, RAW Power combines the best of Apple’s RAW engine with a user-friendly interface and extensive editing tools.

Key Features

  1. Advanced RAW Editing:
  • Unlocks the power of Apple’s RAW engine, previously available only in Aperture.
  • Offers unique adjustments like Boost, Noise Reduction, Black Point, and Gamut Mapping.
  • Real-time editing with unparalleled highlight recovery and control over RAW processing parameters.
  1. Comprehensive Image Management:
  • Acts as both a standalone image editor and a Photos library app, compatible with iCloud Photos.
  • Allows for rating, flagging, and filtering images, with changes synced across devices via iCloud.
  • Supports batch processing for applying presets, adjustments, and exporting images.
  1. Integration with Finder and Photos:
  • Can browse any folder on your disk without the need for importing.
  • Fully compatible with Photos Library, enabling organization and management directly within the app.
  • Functions as a Photos editing extension, providing the same editing capabilities within Apple Photos.
  1. Extensive Editing Tools:
  • Includes adjustments for Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy, Local Contrast, Curves, Levels, and more.
  • Features LUTs (Look Up Tables) with built-in looks and film simulations, plus the ability to add custom LUTs.
  • Offers cropping, straightening, rotating, flipping, white balance, perspective correction, and more.
  1. Advanced Organization and Display:
  • Zoom up to 800% for precise adjustments.
  • Create and manage Photo library albums, view metadata, and browse folders or albums with ease.
  • Supports multiple windows and tabs to view different parts of your disk or library simultaneously.
  • Thumbnail grid with badges indicating edit state, file type, rating, and flags.
  1. Cross-Platform Editing:
  • Start editing on one device and continue on another using RAW Power 3 for iOS (separate purchase required).
  • Sync ratings and flags over iCloud Photos for a cohesive editing workflow across all your devices.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: macOS 10.14 or later


For more information, visit the RAW Power homepage.


RAW Power is an indispensable tool for photographers looking to leverage the full potential of RAW images. With its advanced editing capabilities, seamless integration with Finder and Apple Photos, and robust organization features, RAW Power provides a comprehensive solution for both editing and managing your photo library. Whether you need to make quick adjustments or perform detailed editing, RAW Power equips you with the tools necessary to achieve professional-quality results.