Name : MacFamilyTree

Size : 140.9 MB

MacFamilyTree Download V-10.2.2

MacFamilyTree 9 is genealogy software designed specifically for Mac users. It offers a range of features for exploring your family history and creating visual representations of your family tree. Here are some of the key features and capabilities of MacFamilyTree 9:

Modern Genealogy:

  • Designed for Mac with a clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Real-time sync and collaboration with CloudTree Sync&Share.
  • MobileFamilyTree app available for iPhone and iPad (sold separately) for on-the-go research.

Research and Publish:

  • Access billions of genealogical entries on FamilySearch.
  • Conduct web research by searching popular genealogy portals from within the application.
  • Create websites using
  • Generate family books as a unique gift for family members.
  • Import and export genealogical data in the GEDCOM format for compatibility with other genealogy applications.
  • Export charts and reports in various formats.

Wide Range of Reports and Lists:

  • Create person, family, and kinship reports.
  • Generate narrative reports.
  • Compile lists of places, events, anniversaries, and more.
  • Explore maps, person analyses, and source lists.
  • View descendancy reports and more.

Wide Range of Charts and Views:

  • Visualize your family tree using various charts, including hourglass, Ahnentafel, timeline, fan chart, relationship chart, and more.
  • Access virtual globe and statistical maps.
  • Analyze name distribution and create genogram charts.

Highest Level of Data Privacy:

  • Choose to store your data locally or encrypt and store it on iCloud.
  • Set password protection for websites and control the visibility of persons and entries during export.

New User Interface:

  • Enjoy a modern and more logical user interface with improved usability.

Completely New Charts:

  • Customize charts to your preferences.
  • Choose from a wide range of display templates.
  • Benefit from faster rendering with optimized GPU performance.
  • Improved tree charts with better content distribution across pages.

Completely New Reports:

  • Select from style templates and adapt them to your needs.
  • Export reports in various formats, including CSV, plain text, RTF, or PDF.
  • Convert reports into books.

Supports DNA Tests:

  • Store and manage DNA test results, including yDNA, mtDNA, and atDNA tests.

CloudTree Sync & Share 2.0:

  • Share databases of any size with friends, family, or between your own devices.
  • Sync efficiently and invite others more quickly.


  • Various database upgrades, such as specifying birth order without a date of birth and mapping adoptive and step relationships.
  • Support for family crests and author information.
  • Store alternative names for places.
  • New help guide system for instant instructions.
  • Support for Apple’s latest technologies, including Dark Mode, Handoff between MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree, and Core Animation for charts.

MacFamilyTree 9 provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for genealogy enthusiasts who want to explore their family history, create detailed family trees, and visualize their genealogical data. It offers both advanced functionality and a user-friendly interface, making it a valuable resource for genealogical research and documentation.