Name : DxO PhotoLab 6 ELITE Edition

Size : 700 MB

Mac DxO PhotoLab 6 ELITE Edition V-

DxO PhotoLab, formerly known as DxO Optics Pro, offers an array of advanced, intelligent corrections to empower users in fine-tuning and perfecting their photos. Here are the prominent features available in DxO PhotoLab:


  • Introduces cutting-edge AI technology to reduce digital noise in RAW images, combining demosaicing and denoising processes. This breakthrough technology preserves color detail while efficiently removing noise, providing significantly improved results.

Smart Corrections:

  • Enables users to eliminate noise, fix light constraints, recover color details, apply advanced optical corrections, and enhance fine details in their images. This feature set grants full control over every aspect of photo editing.

Optical Corrections:

  • Provides an array of corrections for lens-related issues, including distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, and lens softness. These tools ensure your images maintain their natural quality with accurate corrections.

DxO Smart Lighting & ClearView:

  • DxO Smart Lighting aids in optimizing exposure and contrast adjustments, while DxO ClearView effectively reduces haze, enhancing overall image clarity.

U Point Technology:

  • Offers the U Point technology, allowing users to perform selective adjustments to specific areas of an image without affecting the entire photo. This precise control facilitates fine-tuning for optimal results.


  • DxO PhotoLab is compatible with macOS 11.6 or later.

For more information or updates, you can visit the DxO PhotoLab homepage at