Name : Luminar Neo

Size : 4.3 GB

Luminar Neo for Mac free download

Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by advanced AI technologies, designed to simplify complex editing routines and empower creators to bring their boldest ideas to life with ease and enjoyment. Here’s what makes Luminar Neo stand out:

  1. RelightAI: Control the light in 3D space to enhance backlit or darkened images with natural lighting adjustments. RelightAI calculates the depth of a photo and spreads light naturally in 3D space across a 2D image, allowing for creative relighting possibilities.
  2. AI-powered Tools: Remove distracting elements like power lines from cityscapes or urban landscapes automatically with AI. The AI-powered tools also include advanced sky replacement technology, allowing you to replace the sky in one click with options for water reflections and human-aware relighting.
  3. Layers and AI Masking: Unleash your creativity with Layers and MaskAI, which automate the masking process by identifying objects in the image and creating precise masks. Combine multiple images effortlessly and explore limitless creative possibilities.
  4. Fast Core Engine: Luminar Neo features a fast core engine based on unique technologies developed by Skylum. The module system allows different parts of the application to be optimized separately for maximum performance and creativity, resulting in a lightning-fast editing workflow.
  5. Transformative Editing Tools: Easily remove spots caused by dust and dirt on your lens or sensor, and experiment with combining two or more images effortlessly. Luminar Neo offers a flexible editing process with memory optimizations for faster performance.
  6. Innovative Design: The intuitive and fresh design of Luminar Neo provides easy access to all features, making it suitable for both experienced photographers and beginners. Explore a collection of textures, overlays, and visual effects to personalize your images and unlock new creative possibilities.
  7. Cross-platform Compatibility: Luminar Neo is compatible with macOS 11.0.0 or later and supports both Apple Silicon and Intel processors. Additionally, a new mobile app is in development, allowing easy transfer of photos between a mobile device and a computer for seamless editing and sharing.

With Luminar Neo, photographers can effortlessly transform their photos, achieve satisfying results, and channel their creativity in new and exciting ways. Explore the power of AI-driven editing and elevate your photography to new heights.

Visit the homepage to learn more about Luminar Neo and unleash your creative potential with advanced image editing tools.