Name : xScope

Size : 33 MB

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xScope 4 by The Iconfactory

xScope 4 is a powerful set of tools designed specifically for designers and developers, offering features ideal for measuring, inspecting, and testing on-screen graphics and layouts. This macOS application provides a comprehensive toolkit with ten essential tools that float above desktop windows and can be accessed through a toolbar, menu bar, or hotkeys. Whether it’s measuring dimensions, using rulers, simulating user vision problems, or creating frames, xScope 4 aims to enhance the workflow of professionals working on graphic and layout tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Mirror:
  • Remote viewing, templates, chromeless UI, and security options.
  • iOS app for mirror functionality.
  1. Text:
  • Powerful search for Unicode characters, deciphering text entities, converting formats, measuring glyphs, and a character palette.
  1. Dimensions:
  • Instantly find dimensions of on-screen elements, measure distances between objects, and create screenshots.
  1. Rulers:
  • On-screen rulers for pixel measurements, synchronization, rotation, and adjustable lengths.
  1. Overlay:
  • Enhances web browser experience with alignment marks, mockup image, grids with breakpoints, and full-page screenshot.
  1. Screens:
  • Visualize usable real estate for various screen sizes, organized by platform with templates, safe areas, and simulation of user vision problems.
  1. Loupe:
  • Magnify any portion of the screen, display color information, simulate user vision problems, and collect color swatches.
  1. Guides:
  • Vertical and horizontal guides with distance display, save/load guide positions, and support for multiple monitors.
  1. Frames:
  • Adjustable marker boxes, frame creation, editing, duplication, and preset grids for layout composition.
  1. Crosshair:
    • Reports the coordinate position of the mouse cursor with an option to change the origin.


xScope 4 requires macOS 12.3 or later.


For more information about xScope 4 and its features, users can visit the official xScope 4 homepage.

xScope 4 by The Iconfactory stands out as a versatile toolkit for designers and developers on macOS, offering essential tools for measuring, inspecting, and testing on-screen graphics and layouts. With features like Mirror, Text, Dimensions, Rulers, Overlay, Screens, Loupe, Guides, Frames, and Crosshair, xScope 4 aims to enhance the workflow and efficiency of professionals working on various design and development tasks. Its compatibility with macOS 12.3 or later makes it suitable for users with modern Mac systems.