Name : Little Snitch

Size : 33.95 MB

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Little Snitch

Little Snitch 5.7 is a reliable and convenient macOS application designed to monitor network traffic, allowing users to filter connections and control various connections to enhance privacy and security. With a well-designed interface, this network monitor provides animated and informative diagrams based on real-time traffic information. Users can analyze bandwidth, check connectivity status, view traffic totals, and review detailed traffic history, making it a powerful tool for managing network activities.

Key Features:

  1. Network Traffic Monitoring:
  • Animated and informative diagrams based on real-time traffic information.
  • Bandwidth analysis, connectivity status, traffic totals, and detailed traffic history.
  1. Filtering Connections:
  • Filter data based on process name or server port.
  • Group connections based on specific criteria.
  1. Silent Mode:
  • Distraction-free working environment with Silent Mode.
  • Review Silent Mode Log for connection attempts during this period.
  1. Profile Management:
  • Group rules into different profiles.
  • Activate profiles based on specific needs.
  • Convenient profile switching through the status bar menu.
  1. Automatic Profile Switching:
  • Associate networks with specific profiles.
  • Automatically enable profiles based on detected networks.
  • Example: Use different rulesets at home and in public places.
  1. Temporary Rule System:
  • Flexible temporary rule system for rules effective for a limited time.
  • Automatic analysis of ruleset for overlapping, redundant, or invalid rules.

What’s New in Little Snitch 5.7:

  • Compatibility with macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • Fixed a rare problem caused by a bug in macOS Monterey and later when using multiple Spaces, causing the connection alert not to appear on all Spaces.
  • Fixed a potential crash when clicking a notification from Little Snitch in Notification Center.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 11.0 or later.
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor.


For more information about Little Snitch 5.7 and its features, users can visit the official Little Snitch homepage.

Little Snitch 5.7 proves to be a versatile network monitoring tool for macOS users, offering essential features such as network traffic monitoring, connection filtering, Silent Mode for uninterrupted work, profile management, automatic profile switching, and a flexible temporary rule system. With compatibility for macOS 11.0 or later and support for both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors, Little Snitch provides users with control over their network activities, contributing to enhanced privacy and security.