Name : Teorex Inpaint

Size : 113 MB

Download Teorex Inpaint for Mac free 10.2.2

Overview of Inpaint Photo Restoration Software:

Inpaint is a photo restoration software that specializes in reconstructing selected image areas by intelligently filling in the pixels near the boundary. It effectively removes unwanted objects, such as power lines, people, text, or any other elements, from a photo by automatically “inpainting” the selected area.

Top Reasons to Use Inpaint:

  1. Repair Old Photos:
  • Restore and repair old or damaged photos by removing scratches, stains, or imperfections.
  1. Remove Watermarks:
  • Easily eliminate watermarks from images, improving the overall visual appeal.
  1. Delete Unwanted People:
  • Remove unwanted individuals from photos, allowing you to focus on the main subjects.
  1. Erasing Wires and Power Lines:
  • Effortlessly get rid of distracting elements like wires and power lines.
  1. Remove Unwanted Objects:
  • Delete any undesired objects that may spoil an otherwise good photograph.
  1. Digital Facial Retouching:
  • Enhance facial features by retouching and removing imperfections.
  1. Remove Date Stamps:
  • Erase date stamps that may detract from the aesthetic quality of the photo.
  1. Erase Wrinkles and Skin Blemishes:
  • Improve portraits by removing wrinkles, skin blemishes, or other facial imperfections.
  1. Remove Tourists from Travel Photos:
  • Clean up travel photos by eliminating unwanted tourists or distracting background elements.
  1. Fill Black Areas of a Panorama:
    • Fill in black areas of panoramic photos for a seamless and visually pleasing result.
  2. Remove Text or Logo:
    • Eliminate unwanted text, logos, or watermarks from images.
  3. Remove Moving Objects:
    • Easily remove moving objects from photos to capture a static scene.
  4. User-Friendly and Non-Technical:
    • Simple and easy-to-use interface, making photo restoration accessible to all users.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.14 or later

Homepage: Inpaint