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Native Instruments Kontakt 7.8.1 PROPER for Mac free Download

KONTAKT, the renowned software sampler by Native Instruments, continues to evolve with its latest iteration, KONTAKT 6. With a host of new features and enhancements, KONTAKT 6 offers musicians, producers, and sound designers an unparalleled sampling experience. Here’s an overview of the key highlights:

Three New Instruments:

  1. ANALOG DREAMS: Captures the essence of iconic 20th-century hardware synthesizers, meticulously sampled and creatively processed with classic outboard effects. This hybrid instrument combines analog warmth with modern sound design, ideal for electro and synthwave genres.
  2. ETHEREAL EARTH: Blends organic and electronic elements, featuring acoustic instruments from around the world combined with digital synthesis, foley layers, and effects processing. It offers a diverse range of sounds, including basses, strings, wind instruments, percussion, pads, leads, and ambient textures.
  3. HYBRID KEYS: Provides a fresh approach to keys and piano sounds, departing from traditional sampling techniques. It employs innovative methods such as re-amping, creative microphone positioning, and vari-speed tape experiments to deliver contemporary and unique sonic textures.

New Effects:

  • Replika Delay: Based on the REPLIKA XT plugin, offering multiple delay modes with distinct sound characteristics.
  • Room Reverb: High-quality algorithmic room reverb with real-time modulation options.
  • Hall Reverb: Another algorithmic reverb tailored for hall sounds.
  • Plate Reverb: Emulates classic vintage metallic sounds of a plate reverberator.
  • Cry Wah: Wah-wah effect module inspired by the iconic wah pedal.

Wavetable Module:

  • KONTAKT 6 introduces wavetable synthesis, expanding its sonic capabilities. All three new Play Series instruments incorporate this module, providing users with versatile sound-shaping tools.

Creator Tools:

  • A standalone application designed to enhance the workflow of library builders and instrument creators. It includes a Debugger for identifying and fixing script issues, and an Instrument Editor for automating tasks like sample mapping, batch renaming, and settings duplication.


  • KONTAKT 6 is compatible with macOS 11.0 or later, and supports both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.

With its innovative features, KONTAKT 6 remains at the forefront of sample-based instrument creation, empowering musicians and sound designers to push the boundaries of sonic exploration. Visit KONTAKT Homepage