Name : Geekbench

Size : 280 MB

Download Geekbench Mac V-6.2.0

Geekbench 5 is a powerful cross-platform benchmarking tool that assesses the performance of your mobile devices or desktop computers. Whether you want to evaluate how your system handles everyday tasks like email and web browsing or how it stacks up against the latest devices on the market, Geekbench 5 provides the answers you need.

Here are some key features of Geekbench 5:

CPU Benchmark: Geekbench 5 evaluates your processor’s single-core and multi-core performance. It measures your system’s ability to handle various tasks, from basic activities like checking email to more demanding applications such as Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. This benchmark provides insights into your system’s real-world performance.

Compute Benchmark: This benchmark assesses your system’s capabilities for gaming, image processing, and video editing. It also tests your GPU’s power, supporting APIs like OpenCL, CUDA, Metal, and Vulkan. It’s a valuable tool for understanding your graphics and compute performance.

Cross-Platform: Geekbench 5 is designed for cross-platform comparisons, enabling you to assess system performance across various devices, operating systems, and processor architectures. You can compare the performance of Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux systems.

Geekbench Browser: You can upload your benchmark results to the Geekbench Browser to share them with others or to see how your devices rank globally. Creating an account allows you to track your results conveniently from any device.

Geekbench 5 is compatible with macOS 11.0 or later and can be a valuable tool for understanding your system’s performance and comparing it to other devices. You can learn more about it on the Geekbench website.