Name : FotoMagico

Size : 75 MB

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FotoMagico: Transform Your Memories into Stunning Slideshows

FotoMagico is your go-to solution for effortlessly creating captivating slideshows on your Mac. Whether you’re reliving your travel adventures, enhancing your wedding photography, or showcasing your portfolio, FotoMagico offers a range of features to bring your stories to life with brilliant quality and creativity.

Key Features:

  1. Create Stunning Presentations: Knock the socks off your audience with live presentations that combine photos, videos, music, and text.
  2. Versatile Use Cases: Step up your wedding photography, relive travel adventures, save time animating stills for Final Cut Pro X projects, and more.
  3. Snippets: Quickly compose complex slideshows by choosing from pre-built story parts and adding your own content.
  4. Music Snippets: Access CC licensed music snippets with proper attribution to enhance your slideshows.
  5. Animation Assistant: Choose from various styles to automatically animate your slideshow and add visual appeal.
  6. Improved Text Editing: Express yourself effortlessly with improved text editing and placeholders for easy customization.
  7. Audio Marker Assistant: Keep music and slides in perfect harmony with this Pro feature via in-app purchase.
  8. Audio Volume Envelopes & Fades: Control audio volume with envelopes for seamless transitions and mood enhancement (Pro feature).
  9. Dark User Interface: Enjoy a completely new dark user interface for an enhanced editing experience.

Features in FotoMagico Pro:

  • Timeline View: Display the timing of the slideshow intuitively for easier editing.
  • Extra Audio Track: Add narration to your slideshows with an additional audio track.
  • Direct Access to Photo Libraries: Access Aperture and Lightroom photo libraries directly within FotoMagico.
  • Teleprompter View: Get support during live presentations with the teleprompter view.
  • Chapters: Group slides for better organization and overview.
  • Masks and Borders: Add creative touches with masks and borders.
  • Additional Export Options: Export slideshows as standalone players, ProRes video files, or custom video formats.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later

Transform your memories into stunning slideshows with FotoMagico’s intuitive features and impressive results.

Homepage: FotoMagico