Name : DxO ViewPoint

Size : 723 MB

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DxO ViewPoint is a powerful tool designed to complement your wide-angle lens by automatically fixing skewed perspectives and restoring subjects on the edges of the frame to their natural shape with just one click. Here are some key features of DxO ViewPoint:

Key Features:

  1. Fix Skewed Perspectives: Manually use anchor points or the software’s automatic feature to correct skewed perspectives in wide-angle photos, ranging from simple to complex corrections.
  2. Restore Proportions: Automatically correct the volume deformation of faces, bodies, and objects at the edges of photos taken with a wide-angle lens, ensuring natural-looking shapes.
  3. Neutralize Distortion: Utilize DxO’s Optics Module database to correct any type of distortion, including barrel, pincushion, and fisheye effects.
  4. Straighten the Horizon: Rebalance landscape photos by automatically straightening a slanted horizon line.

What’s New in Version

  • Release notes were not provided.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.14 or later.


DxO ViewPoint is a valuable tool for photographers working with wide-angle lenses, providing efficient corrections for skewed perspectives, volume deformation, and various types of distortion to enhance the quality of your photos.