Name : DjVu Reader Pro

Size : 26 MB

DjVu Reader Pro for Mac free Download

DjVu Reader Pro is a comprehensive application designed for macOS that offers users the best experience for reading DjVu documents. Here are the key features and functionalities of DjVu Reader Pro:

  1. Compatibility: DjVu Reader Pro is fully compatible with macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon M1, ensuring optimal performance and stability on the latest Mac systems.
  2. Fast and Smooth Reading: Open DjVu files quickly, even very large ones, and enjoy smooth reading without any lag or delay.
  3. Text Selecting: Easily select and copy text from DjVu documents for further use or reference.
  4. Batch Conversion: Convert multiple DjVu files to PDF format in batches, saving time and effort.
  5. Search Functionality: Quickly search for specific content within DjVu documents to find relevant information efficiently.
  6. Export Options: Export DjVu documents to PDF or TXT formats for compatibility with other applications and platforms.
  7. Quick Look Support: View DjVu files directly in Quick Look for a convenient preview without opening the full application.
  8. Bookmarks Management: Organize and manage bookmarks within DjVu documents for easy navigation and reference.
  9. Outline Editing: Edit document outlines to customize the structure and organization of DjVu files.
  10. Viewing Options: Customize the viewing experience with options like Display Mode (Single Page, Two Page, Continuous), Zoom (Actual Size, Fit), Rotation, and more.
  11. History Navigation: Easily navigate through previously visited pages with backward and forward history options.
  12. Printing: Print DjVu documents directly from the application with support for various printing options and settings.

DjVu Reader Pro offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to enhance the reading experience for DjVu documents on macOS. Whether you’re reading, searching, converting, or organizing DjVu files, DjVu Reader Pro provides the tools you need for efficient and enjoyable document management. For more information and to download DjVu Reader Pro, visit the official homepage: DjVu Reader Pro Homepage