Name : Ableton Live 11 Suite

Size : 3 GB

Ableton Live 11 Suit for Mc free Download

Ableton Live is a versatile and powerful software designed for music creation and live performance. It provides a range of features, instruments, effects, and tools for users to create music across various genres. Whether working in a traditional linear arrangement or improvising in Live’s Session View, musicians have the flexibility to move freely between musical elements without interrupting their creative flow.

Key Features:

  1. Create Your Perfect Take:
  • Take Recording and Comping:
    • Organize multiple passes of an audio or MIDI performance into individual takes.
    • Select the best moments from each performance and combine them to create a flawless take.
    • Innovative approach to sound design by splicing together random samples.
  • Linked-Track Editing:
    • Simultaneously edit the content of two or more linked tracks.
    • Ideal for editing multi-tracked instruments or performances involving multiple musicians.
    • Ensures synchronization across tracks, including MIDI tracks.
  1. Add More Feeling to Your Music:
  • MPE-Capable Controller Support:
    • Plug in MPE-capable controllers for expressive instrumental performances.
    • Add bends, slides, and pressure for each note in a chord.
    • Enable subtle expression variations and morph between chords for evolving sonic textures.
  • Hybrid Reverb:
    • Combine convolution and algorithmic reverbs for versatile spatial effects.
    • Place sounds in real-life environments or create surreal spaces.
    • Modulate the reverb tail, run it in parallel or series with the convolution side, or play it like an instrument.
  • Spectral Resonator:
    • Break the spectrum of an audio signal into partials for radical sound transformations.
    • Stretch, shift, and blur the result by frequency or note.
    • MIDI sidechain input for processing material in key or playing the device as a polyphonic instrument.
  • Spectral Time:
    • Transform sound into partials and feed them into a frequency-based delay.
    • Create metallic echoes, frequency-shifted, and reverb-like effects.
    • Freeze function for capturing and holding a slice of audio for stuttered, glitched, and washed-out effects.
  • PitchLoop89:
    • Max for Live pitch-shifting device for jittery glitch effects and vibrato.
    • Collaboratively created with Robert Henke, inspired by the Publison DHM 89.
    • Adds character to sounds in the studio or for in-the-moment experimentation onstage.
  1. Do More On Stage:
  • Tempo Following:
    • Listen to and adjust tempo based on incoming audio in real time.
    • Become a dynamic part of the band by syncing to the audio source.
  • Macro Snapshots:
    • Store the state of Macros for instant recall during performance.
    • Perfect for creating variations in sounds or building and dropping elements.
  • Rack Improvements:
    • Configure Racks with 1 to 16 Macros for versatile control.
    • Randomize Macro states for real-time surprises.
    • Map Macro controls to MIDI for dynamic changes during performance.
  1. Be Unpredictable:
  • Note Chance:
    • Set the probability of note or drum hit occurrences for varied patterns.
    • Live generates surprising variations that change over time.
  • Velocity Chance:
    • Define velocity probability ranges for subtle, humanized variations in pattern dynamics.
  • Follow Actions:
    • Link Follow Actions to clip length for faster creation of interesting clip sequences.
    • Scene Follow Actions for evolving arrangements.
    • Jump to specific clips and enable/disable Follow Actions globally.

System Requirements:

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, including Apple Silicon.
  • Language Support: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, Español.


Note: Users are encouraged to visit the official Ableton website for the latest and most detailed information.