Name : Plugin Boutique Scaler

Size : 1.42 GB

Plugin Boutique Scaler for Mac free Download

Scaler 2 is an innovative music theory workstation designed to inspire creativity and streamline the music-making process. Here’s an in-depth look at its features and functionality:

Key Features:

  1. Key and Scale Detection:
  • Scaler 2 can analyze MIDI or audio input to determine the key and scale of your music.
  • It suggests chords and progressions that harmonize with your song.
  1. Chord Sets and Progressions:
  • Access over 400 song and genre-based chord sets, over 200 artist chord sets, and hundreds of scales and modes.
  • Drag and drop chords into the sequencer to create unique patterns.
  1. Music Exploration:
  • Explore alternative chords, voicings, extensions, and variations to enhance your progressions.
  • Use Suggest mode to generate chords compatible with your progression.
  1. MIDI Capture:
  • Record Scaler 2’s output, including clicked keys, chords, or progressions, as MIDI for use in your DAW.
  1. Creative Tools:
  • Lock keys to chords for complex melody creation.
  • Humanize performances with variations in velocity and timing.
  • Use Voice Grouping profiles to control note inversions and octaves.
  1. Edit Mode:
  • Adjust chord parameters such as duration, octave, inversion, and more.
  • Edit chords directly by right-clicking on them.
  1. DAW Integration:
  • DAW Sync links chord patterns to your DAW’s playback for easy auditioning and editing.
  • Pad View allows for constructing entire arrangements by moving chords and progressions.
  1. Modulation Suggestions:
  • Get suggestions for modulation between your current key and a destination, sourced from professional musicians.
  1. Performance Elements:
  • Access over 500 expressions, including performances, phrases, sequences, basslines, melodies, and rhythms.
  • Experiment with melodies and riffs locked to your scale or chord.
  1. Integration and Compatibility:
    • Supports MIDI output to virtual instruments in your DAW.
    • Features 45 onboard instruments for immediate music creation.
    • Compatible with both macOS and Windows platforms.


  • Over 200 artist chord sets from renowned musicians.
  • Over 400 genre-based chord sets covering a wide range of musical styles.
  • Over 600 chord sets and hundreds of unique scales and modes.
  • Over 500 phrases, performances, sequences, basslines, melodies, and rhythms.

Scaler 2 is a comprehensive music theory tool that empowers musicians, producers, and composers to explore new ideas, express themselves creatively, and make better music. Visit the homepage to learn more about its capabilities and unleash your musical potential.