Name : JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro

Size : 121 MB

JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro for Mac free Download V- 1.8.24

Artista Impresso Pro: Transform Photos into Impressionist Masterpieces

Artista Impresso Pro is a powerful software designed to transform your photos into multi-textured, stroke-filled Impressionist masterpieces. Whether you are a professional or a lover of beauty, this application allows you to add creative control to your digital art.

Key Features:

  1. Impressionism Styles:
  • Alla Prima: Great for portraits, filling the painting with an abundance of brushstrokes. It includes a library of artistic finishes for added light, color, and movement.
  • En Plein Air: Ideal for landscapes, providing eight artists’ palettes created by famous impressionists. Customize the paint colors to make your own palette.
  • Tache: Applies broken brushstrokes throughout the image, creating a unique and textured effect.
  1. Pro Layers:
  • Add impressionism styles per layer, allowing you to blend styles using brushes to paint on or off areas in the painting.
  • Use the powerful Ellipse Detail tool to add finely painted details to specific areas of your artwork.
  • Resize and apply to render small brushstrokes inside the Ellipse for added precision.
  1. Canvas Layer:
  • A canvas layer is automatically added to each painting created, providing the traditional canvas texture integral to the painting.
  • The canvas layer can be turned on or off for viewing strokes created on previous layers, and it is locked to prevent accidental deletion.
  1. Impressionism Brushes:
  • Three stroke styles (#1: straight strokes, #2: combination of straight and curved strokes, #3: abstract set) and the Tache effect with custom brushes for depth.
  • Smart brushes for removing or adding the impressionism effect, allowing detailed control over the artistic transformation.
  1. Artistic Finishes:
  • Choose from 70 artistic finishes to enhance and customize the appearance of your masterpiece.
  • One-touch paint styles for quick and easy application of predefined artistic effects.
  1. Additional Features:
  • Save presets to keep customized paint palettes and maintain all strokes and layers intact for future projects.
  • Mask with fill, invert, and clear options to support brushes and layers.
  • Compatibility as a plugin for Photoshop CS3+, Lightroom, and Elements for both Mac and Windows.

System Requirements:

  • macOS: 10.12 or later

Visit the Artista Impresso Pro Homepage for more information and details.