Name : Sketch

Size : 71 MB

Download Sketch for Mac v-98.3

Sketch is a powerful graphic design software designed for the digital world. It offers a range of tools and features to help designers create beautiful and innovative designs for a variety of purposes, including web design, interface design, icons, and more. Here are some key features and capabilities of Sketch:

1. Multiple Fills, Borders, and Shadows:

  • Sketch allows you to apply multiple fills, borders, and shadows to each layer, providing flexibility in design and styling.

2. Non-Destructive Boolean Operations:

  • The software supports non-destructive boolean operations, allowing designers to combine shapes and objects without losing the ability to edit them later.

3. Smart Pixel Alignment:

  • Sketch includes smart pixel alignment features, ensuring that elements align perfectly for crisp and precise designs.

4. Exporting Made Easy:

  • Exporting designs is simplified with automatic slicing and support for exporting multiple resolutions, making it convenient for web and app development.

5. Vector Tools and Basic Shapes:

  • Sketch provides a foundation for design with vector tools and basic shapes, making it suitable for designing icons, websites, interfaces, and more.

6. Advanced Layer Styles:

  • Designers can apply advanced layer styles, including multiple shadows, fills, gradients, noise, blending, background blurring, and more.

7. Text Tool:

  • The software features a best-in-class text tool that allows users to add typography to their designs with native font rendering, ensuring accurate text representation.

8. Symbols:

  • Symbols in Sketch enable designers to reuse entire groups of content in multiple places within a design. Changes made to symbols are automatically reflected throughout the document.

9. Mac Integration:

  • Sketch is built for the Mac and supports macOS features like Versions and Auto Save. It also offers iCloud integration for syncing work across multiple Mac computers.

10. Single-Window Interface:
– Sketch’s user-friendly interface is designed for efficiency, providing access to powerful tools within a single window.

Sketch is a go-to choice for designers who want to create visually stunning and efficient designs in a digital environment. It offers a versatile set of tools for design professionals working on various projects, and its focus on an elegant and streamlined interface ensures an enjoyable design experience.