Name : Micromat Lifespan

Size : 17.2 MB

Micromat Lifespan for Mac free Download

Lifespan is a macOS Menu Bar application designed to monitor the remaining useful life of flash-based storage devices. As the use and reliance on flash-based storage increase, understanding the remaining lifespan of these devices becomes crucial. Flash-based storage, such as solid-state drives (SSDs), has a finite life, and once it exceeds this lifespan, performance degradation or complete failure may occur. Lifespan helps users track and be aware of the available life remaining on their flash-based storage devices.

Key Features:

  1. Flash-Based Storage Monitoring:
  • Monitors the remaining useful life for flash-based storage devices, especially SSDs.
  1. NAND Solid State Memory:
  • Tracks the program erase cycles (p/e cycles) of non-volatile NAND solid-state memory used in flash-based storage.
  1. Life Expectancy:
  • Flash-based storage devices have a limited number of program erase cycles, and Lifespan helps users estimate the remaining useful life.
  1. Drive Variability:
  • Takes into account the variability in program erase cycles based on the type and quality of NAND chips used in the flash-based storage.
  1. Middle of the Road SSD:
  • Provides estimates, and for a typical solid-state drive, this translates to about 100 TB of useful life.
  1. Alerts and Notifications:
  • Displays current life usage and alerts users when the device is approaching or falls below the threshold of useful life remaining.
  1. Data Safety:
  • Helps users make informed decisions about retiring flash-based storage devices before the risk of data loss becomes likely.


  • Mac OS X 10.10 or greater, including macOS 10.15 ‘Catalina.’