Name : Final Draft

Size : 110 MB

Final Draft for Mac free Download

Final Draft is a leading application designed for writing movie scripts, television episodics, and stage plays. It provides a powerful word processing environment combined with professional script formatting, allowing writers to focus on content while Final Draft takes care of the style. With automatic pagination and industry-standard formatting, Final Draft streamlines the scriptwriting process.

Top Writing Features:

  1. Scene View:
  • Outline and reorder scenes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  1. Navigator:
  • View, sort, and filter important details of scenes, script notes, and characters.
  1. Index Cards:
  • Outline and restructure the script scene by scene.
  1. ScriptNotes:
  • Add color-coded general or element-specific notes without affecting pagination.
  1. Templates:
  • Over 100 classic and current templates for television shows, screenplays, stage plays, and graphic novels.
  1. Pagination:
  • Automatically paginates the script to industry standards for OSX, PC, or iPad.
  1. Watermarking in Printing and PDF Options:
  • Print watermarked scripts to any printer with standardized paper size or save to PDF in flawless script format.
  1. Panels System:
  • Split screen to view scene outlines while writing the script.
  1. Final Draft Courier Font:
  • Screenwriting font designed for readability and industry requirements.
  1. Writing Management:
    • Check and manage written content to track writing goals.
  2. Format Assistant:
    • Identify and correct formatting errors after completing the first draft.
  3. Retina and Full Screen Support:
    • Distraction-free writing in full-screen mode with retina display compatibility.
  4. Mac OSX Dictation Support:
    • Use Mac’s built-in dictation for hands-free and fast writing.

Top Production Features:

  1. Title Page:
  • Create a professional Title Page with your script.
  1. Revision Mode:
  • Revise scripts as needed and save different revisions for production purposes.
  1. Page Locking:
  • Omit scenes, lock pages, and set revision colors.
  1. Colored Production Pages for Revisions:
  • Colored border for writing ease with solid color production pages in PDF for distribution.
  1. Character Highlighting:
  • Highlight specific characters’ lines for table reads or tracking dialogue.
  1. Customizable Reporting:
  • Seven different reports for production, including Scene, Character, and Location reports.


  • macOS 10.15 or later.