Name : JixiPix Watercolor Studio Pro

Size : 496 MB

Download Free JixiPix Watercolor Studio Pro for Mac V-1.4.15

Watercolor Studio by JixiPix offers a unique approach to digital watercolor painting. Here are some key features and highlights:

  1. Fluid and Translucent Watercolors:
  • Create fluid, liquidy, translucent watercolors with paint that flows naturally.
  1. Real-world Rendering System:
  • Built on an incredible rendering system that uses real-world techniques for authentic watercolor effects.
  1. Instant Watercolor Rendering:
  • The application does the initial work, producing a watercolor instantly from your photos.
  1. Customization Tools:
  • Customize your watercolor paintings using an array of sliders, layers, brushes, color washes, and artistic finishes.
  1. AI and Image Recognition:
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence and image recognition for rendering the initial watercolor, providing quick variations.
  1. Infinite Variations:
  • Change paintings into an ink wash, add artistic finishes, brush in details, and spatter with liquid spots for infinite variations.
  1. Liquid Slider:
  • Control the transparency and wetness of the paint with the Liquid slider, creating ultra-wet styles.
  1. Wet Edge Slider:
  • Define edges with built-up pigment and natural color bleeding using the Wet Edge slider.
  1. Paint Layers:
  • Create unique watercolors by stacking layers, blending color washes, and brushing in details with Paint Layers.
  1. Watercolor—Portrait Style:
    • Create wet-on-dry paintings with portrait detail, shades, and smooth color using the Liquid slider.
  2. Watercolor—Landscape Style:
    • Achieve abstract, free-flowing wet-in-wet paint styles, ideal for landscapes with color bleeding.
  3. Ink Wash Style:
    • Render photos into soft, subtle paintings with one-to-three colors, offering inky or monotone effects.
  4. Liquefy Layer:
    • Transparent layer to dilute and bleed color, providing a subtle effect similar to a paint brush dipped in water.
  5. Color Wash:
    • Blend handmade color washes and textures into the painting, adding warmth, coolness, or dappled light.
  6. Experimentation:
    • Encourages experimentation for beautiful effects, allowing users to have fun without needing advanced artistic skills.


  • macOS 10.12 or later

For more information and to explore Watercolor Studio, visit the official website.