Name : DxO ViewPoint

Size : 723 MB

Download DxO ViewPoint Mac V-

DxO ViewPoint is a software tool specifically designed to complement wide-angle lenses. It seamlessly corrects skewed perspectives, restores natural shapes, and neutralizes distortions with ease, catering to a wide range of complex photo corrections. Here are some of its key features:

Correction of Skewed Perspectives:

  • Offers manual use of anchor points or an automatic feature to correct skewed perspectives in wide-angle photos.

Restoration of Proportions:

  • Automatically corrects volume deformation at the edges of photos, ensuring natural shapes of faces, bodies, and objects taken with wide-angle lenses.

Distortion Neutralization:

  • Utilizes DxO’s Optics Module database to address various types of distortion, including barrel, pincushion, and fisheye effects.

Horizon Straightening:

  • Automatically straightens slanted horizon lines to rebalance landscape photos, ensuring a visually pleasing composition.

System Compatibility:

  • Compatible with OS X 10.14 or later.

For more information and updates, you can visit the DxO ViewPoint homepage here.