SponsorBlock for YouTube

Name : SponsorBlock for YouTube

Size : 5 MB

SponsorBlock for YouTube Mac v- 5.4.20

SponsorBlock is a handy browser extension that allows users to skip over sponsors, intros, outros, subscription reminders, and other potentially annoying parts of YouTube videos. It works by crowdsourcing information about the start and end times of such segments within YouTube videos. Here’s more information about SponsorBlock:

Key Features:

  • Segment Skipping: SponsorBlock allows users to automatically skip over specific segments of YouTube videos, including sponsored content, introductions, outros, and more.
  • Crowdsourced Data: The extension relies on crowdsourced data, where users can submit the start and end times of segments they wish to skip. Once this information is submitted, other users with the extension can benefit from it and automatically skip those segments.
  • Non-Music Video Skipping: In addition to skipping sponsored content and introductions, SponsorBlock also allows users to skip over non-music sections in music videos, such as talking or unrelated content.

Compatibility: SponsorBlock is compatible with macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) or later versions of the operating system.

Mac App Store: You can find and download SponsorBlock from the Mac App Store at https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1573461917.

SponsorBlock is a convenient tool for YouTube users who want to streamline their viewing experience by skipping over the parts of videos that are often considered less interesting or relevant. By crowdsourcing the segment information, it becomes a collaborative effort to make watching YouTube videos more enjoyable.