Name : Searchware Solutions Print Window Advanced

Size : 27.2 MB

Searchware Solutions Print Window Advanced for Mac free Download 5.5.2

Print Window: Effortless File Listing and Printing for Mac OS X Finder

Print Window simplifies the process of creating and printing file listings directly from within the Mac OS X Finder, offering a range of customization options for various formats and styles. No more settling for text-only printouts or taking screenshots of windows—Print Window provides a comprehensive solution for generating detailed and visually appealing file listings.

Key Features:

  1. Variety of Formats:
  • Generate file listings for standard paper printing.
  • Format listings for CD jewel case or DVD case covers.
  • Save listings as text files or in a format compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  1. Listings with Style:
  • Choose how file information is displayed in listings.
  • Include or exclude specific details according to your preferences.
  • Create contact sheets with thumbnails for images and videos.
  1. Seamless Integration:
  • Works seamlessly with the Mac OS X Finder.
  • Create file listings directly from the Finder using keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop, or menu bar options.
  1. Easy to Use:
  • User-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience.
  • Save presets to streamline common settings and configurations.
  • Create file listings without accessing the Print Window options window.
  1. Print Window 5 Advanced:
  • Full-page printed file listings for comprehensive information.
  • CD/DVD cover file listings for a professional look.
  • Save file listings in various formats, including Microsoft Excel XML, tab-delimited text, and CSV.
  • Choose from different styles such as Full Page, Names Only, and Picture Thumbnails.
  • Select file metadata to include in listings.
  • Include icons for a visual representation.
  • Manually select folder expansion for tailored listings.
  • Print options presets for quick and consistent configurations.
  • Status menu in the global menubar for easy access.
  • Support for drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Automatic export to PDF for convenient file sharing.

Get Started with Print Window:
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