Name : Ryan Nangle – Pixel Sorting Effect for Final Cut Pro

Size : 6.42 MB

Ryan Nangle – Pixel Sorting Effect for Final Cut Pro

Pixel Sorting Effects package offers 14 preset effects for pixel sorting, each of which is fully adjustable, allowing users to create their own unique visual styles. To install the package, simply download the folder and save it in your Motion Templates – Effects folder. Alternatively, you can refer to the tutorial provided above for detailed installation instructions.

Here’s a summary of what the package includes:

  • 14 Preset Effects: Choose from a variety of preset pixel sorting effects to apply to your visuals.
  • Customizable: Adjust each preset effect to tailor it to your specific needs and create your own distinctive visual style.
  • Installation Instructions: Follow the provided tutorial for step-by-step guidance on how to install the package and start using the effects in your projects.

Visit the homepage for more information and to download the Pixel Sorting Effects package.