Name : OmniReader Pro

Size : 31 MB

OmniReader Pro for Mac free Download

GM Reader is a comprehensive book reader designed for macOS that supports various file formats, including EPUB, CHM, and Kindle files. It boasts several features aimed at enhancing the reading experience, making it a versatile tool for avid readers and researchers alike. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and capabilities:

Key Features of GM Reader

  1. File Format Support:
  • EPUB: A widely used format for eBooks.
  • CHM: Commonly used for Windows help files.
  • Kindle Files: Typically MOBI and AZW formats used by Amazon Kindle devices.
  1. Search Functionality:
  • Single Page Search: Allows you to search within the currently displayed page.
  • Full Text Search: Enables searching throughout the entire document.
  • Highlighted Search Results: Makes it easy to locate search terms within the text.
  1. Browsing History:
  • Forward and Backward Navigation: Facilitates easy navigation through previously viewed pages.
  1. Reading Experience:
  • Page Turning: Simulates the experience of turning pages in a physical book.
  • Zooming: Allows zooming in and out for better readability.
  • Sidebar Shrinking: Optimizes the viewing area by adjusting sidebars.
  1. Additional Functionalities:
  • Page Printing: Provides the option to print pages directly from the app.
  • File Information Viewing: Displays basic metadata and information about the file.
  • File Export: Supports exporting documents to EPUB and PDF formats.
  • Image Extraction: Capable of extracting all images contained within a file.
  • File Encoding Support: Helps resolve issues with garbled text due to encoding problems.
  • Image Adaptation: Automatically adjusts image sizes for better integration into the text.

Bookrack Feature

  • Bookshelf Management: Keeps track of all files read, allowing for quick access and review.
  • Drag and Drop: Simplifies adding new files to the bookshelf.

In-App Purchases

  • Pro Version: Unlocks additional features and capabilities, providing a more enhanced reading experience.


  • macOS Requirement: Compatible with macOS 10.13 or later versions.


GM Reader offers a robust set of features for reading and managing various eBook formats, making it a valuable tool for users who require a versatile and efficient eBook reader on macOS.