Name : Mia for Gmail

Size : 6 MB

Mia for Gmail Mac free Download

Mia for Gmail is a robust email notifier that enables you to read and compose emails directly from its user-friendly interface. Seamlessly integrated with the Gmail API, Mia for Gmail ensures that you never miss an important email.

Key Features:

  1. Read and Compose Emails: Access your emails and compose new ones without opening a browser. Attachments are supported for added convenience.
  2. Labels Selection: Easily manage your emails by selecting labels within the application.
  3. Quick Email Overview: Get a quick overview of emails by hovering your mouse over them, allowing for efficient email management.
  4. Desktop Notifications: Receive desktop notifications for incoming emails, ensuring that you stay informed in real-time.
  5. Fast and Lightweight: Mia for Gmail is designed to be fast and lightweight, providing a smooth user experience without unnecessary bloat.
  6. Security: The application prioritizes security by using the oauth 2.0 protocol for authentication.
  7. Email Management: Perform common email management tasks such as marking as read, deleting, archiving, or marking as spam directly from the application.
  8. Dark Mode Support: Enjoy a comfortable viewing experience with dark mode support, reducing eye strain during extended use.
  9. Customization: Choose your preferred notification sound from the system sound list and set your default browser for each account.

Mia for Gmail is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later. To learn more about the application or download it, visit the homepage at