Name : Yoink

Size : 22 MB

Mac software Yoink 3.6.86

Yoink is a macOS application designed to improve the drag-and-drop experience between different Spaces or full-screen apps. It offers several features to enhance file management and ease of use. Here’s an overview of its main features:

  1. Shelf for Files and App Content: Yoink provides a convenient “shelf” at the edge of your screen where you can temporarily store files or app content that you intend to move or copy. This shelf behaves similarly to Finder when it comes to moving and copying items.
  2. Universal Accessibility: Yoink is accessible from virtually anywhere on your Mac, including different windows, Spaces, and full-screen apps. It stays readily available to assist you in managing files efficiently.
  3. QuickLook Icons: Yoink generates icons for the items you place on the shelf using QuickLook. This feature makes it easy to identify the contents of the items without opening them.
  4. Stacking Multiple Files: When you drag multiple files into Yoink, they are condensed into a stack. This simplifies the process of dragging them out together when you need to move or copy multiple items simultaneously.
  5. System Services Integration: Yoink integrates with macOS system services, Quick Actions, and Share extensions, allowing you to store files in Yoink without the need for drag and drop. This can be particularly useful for streamlining your workflow.
  6. Handoff Support: You can use Handoff to transfer files seamlessly between all the Macs, iPads, and iPhones where you have Yoink installed. This feature promotes cross-device compatibility and sharing.
  7. Clipboard History: Yoink includes a Clipboard History feature, enabling you to store previously copied content in Yoink. This makes it easy to access and reuse copied items.
  8. Customization: Yoink is highly customizable, giving you control over when and where it appears on your screen. You can tailor its behavior to your specific preferences and workflow.
  9. Share Functionality: Yoink offers a “Share” feature, allowing you to share files and content to and from Yoink, further enhancing its versatility.
  10. Shortcuts Integration: Yoink provides integration with Shortcuts, enabling you to create custom workflows and automate tasks involving Yoink.
  11. Multi-Language Support: Yoink is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  12. Compatibility: Yoink is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later and supports both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.

You can download and learn more about Yoink on its official homepage or through the iTunes App Store. This application can be particularly useful for users who frequently work with files and need an efficient way to manage and transfer them between different contexts on their Mac.