Name :PhotoMill X

Size : 54 MB

Mac PhotoMill X 2.4.2 Download

PhotoMill is a versatile macOS application designed to help you manage and enhance your image files efficiently. Whether you need to convert, rename, resize, watermark, adjust colors, or edit metadata in bulk, PhotoMill provides a range of features to streamline these tasks. Here’s an overview of PhotoMill’s key capabilities:

Image Conversion:

  • PhotoMill allows you to convert a bulk of images into popular image formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, and TIFF.
  • You can choose from various color models, such as RGB, Gray, and CMYK, with different color depths (8/16/32 bits) and the option to include an alpha channel.

Metadata Editor:

  • The application enables you to correct and modify EXIF and IPTC metadata tags in your photos.
  • You can add GPS coordinates, remove private information, adjust or set capture dates, and add your own copyright, keywords, or ratings to your images.

Photo Browser:

  • PhotoMill features a user-friendly photo browser with three panels: Image Info (displays detailed information about selected photos), Groups (organizes photos into groups/subgroups based on criteria like capture dates), and Search (provides a multi-criteria search function).

Batch Renaming:

  • You can rename photos in bulk, giving them meaningful names constructed using text and tags. Available tags include index, capture date, original name, image width, and find & replace options.
  • Additionally, PhotoMill allows you to rename photos without converting them.

Image Resizing:

  • The application offers various geometry actions for resizing images, including scaling, cropping, adding borders, trimming, changing resolution, and more.
  • You can automate image rotation based on EXIF orientation.


  • PhotoMill provides flexible watermarking options, including text, image, and rectangle watermarks.
  • Text watermarks can use metadata information (e.g., capture date, keywords) or custom text. You can control font size, rotation, shadow, tiling, and other features.
  • Image watermarks can be sized relative to the main image and support tiling.
  • Rectangle watermarks offer background options, including square or rounded shapes, and allow for half-transparent fill and stroke colors.

Color Adjustment:

  • PhotoMill includes a range of color adjustment filters, such as auto contrast, auto white balance, gamma correction, exposure adjustment, sharpness, grayscale conversion, sepia tone, colorization, temperature control, and more.
  • The application supports working with transparency, color matching, color profiles, and other color-related features.

PhotoMill is compatible with macOS 10.12.2 or later and provides a versatile set of tools for managing and enhancing your image collections efficiently. While the release notes for version 2.4.2 were unavailable at the time of this response, you can visit the official PhotoMill website for more information and updates.