Name : File List Export

Size : 25 MB

Mac File List Export v-2.8.4 Free Download

File List Export is a macOS application designed to help users create lists of files for various purposes. It offers a range of features for listing and exporting file metadata, making it a useful tool for organizing and managing files. Here are the key features and details about File List Export:

Main Features:

  1. List Creation: File List Export allows users to create lists of files and folders easily. You can select a specific folder or drag and drop files into the application to generate a list.
  2. Customizable Export: The application provides options for exporting the file list to Excel or a CSV file. You can choose to include files from all subfolders or specify the criteria for listing files.
  3. Preview and Edit: Before exporting the list, you can preview and edit the file records. This gives you control over the content and organization of the list.
  4. Search and Filter: File List Export includes search and filter functionality, making it easy to locate specific files or narrow down the list based on criteria such as file type, date, or keywords.
  5. Metadata Columns: The application offers a comprehensive set of metadata columns, including file name, date modified/created, kind, size, path, comments, tags, version, and many more. There are a total of 26 metadata columns available.
  6. Specific File Types: You can create lists that include specific types of files. For example, you can export a list of all audio files in your iTunes Music folder or all PDF files in your Documents folder.
  7. Detailed File Information: For each file in the list, you can access detailed information, such as file attributes, dimensions, audio properties (bitrate, encoding, sample rate), video properties (bitrate, codecs), and checksums (md5, sha256).
  8. Compatibility: File List Export is compatible with macOS 10.9 or later.

File List Export is a versatile tool that can be useful for a variety of tasks, including organizing files, creating documentation, and cataloging media collections. Its ability to export metadata and provide detailed file information makes it valuable for users who need to manage and work with file lists efficiently.