Name : XnViewMP

Size : 92 MB

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XnView MP Overview:

XnView MP is the enhanced version of XnView Classic, serving as a powerful cross-platform media browser, viewer, and converter. It boasts compatibility with over 500 image formats and supports export to about 70 different file formats. XnView MP comes equipped with features like batch conversion and preserves the much-loved functionalities of XnView Classic while introducing enhancements.

Key Features:

  1. Unrivaled Compatibility:
  • Supports over 500 image formats, including Multipage and animated still formats like APNG, TIFF, GIF, ICO, etc.
  • Export to approximately 70 different file formats.
  1. Batch Conversion:
  • Features an easy-to-use yet powerful batch conversion module.
  • The same module powers XnConvert.
  1. Enhanced and Preserved Features:
  • Virtually all standard XnView features are preserved in XnView MP.
  • Many features have been tweaked and enhanced for improved performance.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.13 or later (64-bit)

Homepage: XnView