Name : Wondershare Repairit

Size : 45 MB

Download Wondershare Repairit for Mac V-

Repairit by Wondershare is a comprehensive software solution designed to repair corrupted videos, photos, and files. It offers a one-stop solution for users facing issues with inaccessible, unreadable, or damaged files. Whether it’s videos, photos, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations, Repairit aims to fix corruption problems and recover the data.

Key Features:

  1. File Repair:
  • Repairs corrupted or damaged PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
  1. Video Repair:
  • Fixes corrupted, unplayable videos caused by various issues like power surges, crashes, or file mishandling.
  1. Photo Repair:
  • Recovers important photos that have become corrupted or unopenable.
  1. Advanced Repair Option:
  • Provides an Advanced Repair option for severely damaged videos, offering a higher level of restoration.
  1. Intuitive Interface:
  • User-friendly interface for quick and easy repair, suitable for both novices and advanced users.
  1. Multiple File Repair:
  • Allows users to repair multiple image files simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  1. Compatibility:
  • Supports macOS 10.10 or later.

Homepage: Wondershare Repairit