Name : Wirecast Pro

Size : 626 MB

Wirecast Pro for Mac free Download

Wirecast: Professional Live Streaming Production
Wirecast is a comprehensive live streaming production application designed to capture, encode, and broadcast video to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. With support for various camera inputs and advanced compositing features, Wirecast empowers users to create high-quality live streams for a wide range of purposes.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Camera Support:
  • Wirecast allows users to connect an unlimited number of camera inputs, including webcams, SDI cameras, IP cameras, and wireless devices. Simply plug in the device, and Wirecast will automatically recognize it as a live feed.
  1. Live Compositing:
  • With support for up to 35 layers of live compositing, users can overlay watermarks, background music, titles, and lower thirds to enhance their live broadcasts.
  1. Professional Titles and Transitions:
  • Access over 30 built-in broadcast title themes to add professional-looking titles and lower thirds to your live stream. Wirecast also offers real-time transition and effect generation for seamless transitions between scenes.
  1. Green and Blue Screen Support:
  • Wirecast features a built-in GPU-accelerated green and blue screen solution, allowing users to create high-quality chroma key effects for dynamic backgrounds.
  1. MPEG-4 Video Streaming:
  • Generate fully ISO-compliant MPEG-4 video streams for compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms.
  1. Core Image Filter Library:
  • Utilize Wirecast’s GPU-accelerated Core Image filter and transition library to enhance your live streams with a variety of visual effects and filters.
  1. Keynote Integration:
  • Seamlessly integrate Keynote presentations into your live stream for dynamic presentations and demonstrations.
  1. H.264 Video Codec Support:
  • Wirecast supports the H.264 video codec, ensuring high-quality video encoding and playback for your live streams.


  • Wirecast is compatible with macOS 11.0 or later, providing support for the latest Mac operating systems and hardware.


  • Visit the Wirecast homepage to learn more about its features, download the application, and start creating professional live streams for your audience.