Name : VoosteQ Material Comp

Size : 257.60

VoosteQ Material Comp for Mac free Download

Material Compressor is a revolutionary compressor plugin equipped with VoosteQ’s advanced “DFP” technology, meticulously developed over three years to faithfully replicate the nuances of analog circuitry. With mastering-grade signal processing capabilities and ultra-low CPU load, Material Compressor delivers unparalleled transparency and sonic quality.

Key Features:

  1. Analog Model Compressors:
  • Offers six analog model compressors, including “Modern,” “60’s FET,” “Luxe VCA,” “Studio Master,” “OPTO,” and “TUBE.”
  1. Saturation Models:
  • Features six saturation models of high-end analog preamps, designed to impart subtle analog warmth and character without excessive distortion.
  1. Analog Circuit Reproduction:
  • Utilizes advanced analysis of ambiance, frequency, phase changes, and other circuit elements to faithfully reproduce the sound characteristics of analog hardware circuits.
  1. Original Glues:
  • Includes four original glues developed by VoosteQ to blend sounds seamlessly, enhancing cohesion and depth in mix busses, acoustic guitars, vocals, and more.
  1. Special Section:
  • Enhances sound features with “Punch” for aggressive attack, “Groove” for real-time undulating groove effects, and “Imager” for stereo expansion techniques used in mastering studios.
  1. DFP Technology:
  • VoosteQ’s proprietary “DFP” analog circuit simulation technology ensures accurate modeling and transparent sound reproduction.
  1. Peak Detection Circuits:
  • Incorporates multiple peak detection circuits for precise control and dynamic response.
  1. Performance Optimization:
  • Supports up to 2x oversampling with full 64-bit internal processing, delivering cutting-edge transparent sounds with ultra-low CPU load and latency.
  1. Compatibility:
  • Compatible with macOS 10.13 or later, with native support for both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.
  • Available in stereo and mono plug-in formats, supporting sample rates up to 192kHz.

Experience the unparalleled sonic quality and versatility of Material Compressor, designed to elevate your audio productions with authentic analog warmth and precision.

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