Name : UltraCompare

Size : 35 MB

Download UltraCompare for Mac

UltraCompare Overview:

UltraCompare is a powerful file and folder comparison tool designed to assist users in comparing text files, directories, zip files, and jar archives. Packed with features, it enables users to identify and merge differences in text and binary files, making it an essential tool for file management and code comparison.

Key Features:

  1. Text File Comparison:
  • Supports binary and text comparison of two or three text files simultaneously.
  • Enables users to merge text differences between compared files.
  • Offers sessions functionality for multiple comparison and merge sessions with tabs.
  1. Folder Comparison:
  • Supports comparison of local/network directories, including subdirectories with recursive folder compare.
  • Allows users to merge differences between compared directories.
  1. Zip File and Jar Archive Comparison:
  • Compares zip files and jar archives, allowing users to identify and merge differences.
  1. Session Management:
  • Session functionality allows multiple comparison and merge sessions open in multiple tabs for efficient operations.
  1. Ignore Options:
  • Provides options to ignore line terminators, white space, entire blank lines, and more, allowing users to fine-tune their comparisons.
  1. Find Duplicates:
  • Powerful Find Duplicates functionality helps users search for duplicate files in the file system.
  1. Ignore/Compare Columns:
  • Enables users to specify which span or spans of columns to compare or exclude from the comparison.
  1. UltraEdit Integration:
  • Seamlessly integrates with UltraEdit for Mac, allowing users to load files directly from the editor into UltraCompare.
  1. Edit Large Files:
  • Built to edit large files that may cause other comparison tools to crash.
  1. 4k UHD Support:
    • Supports Retina and other ultra high-definition displays, providing a great viewing experience.


  • macOS 10.10 or later

Homepage: UltraCompare