Name : SQLPro Studio

Size : 69 MB

SQLPro Studio for Mac free Download

SQLPro Studio is described as a simple yet powerful database manager for macOS, offering premium database management tools for various database types, including Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. Here are some key features and details highlighted in the provided information:

  1. Multiple Database Support:
  • SQLPro Studio supports various database types, including MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and above), and Oracle (8i and above).
  1. Best at the Basics:
  • The software provides features such as table creation, custom queries, auto-complete, and syntax highlighting.
  1. Intuitive Interface:
  • SQLPro Studio boasts an intuitive interface designed to make basic to advanced database needs easily accessible.
  1. Cloud Support:
  • Users working with cloud providers like Amazon Relational Database Service, Microsoft Azure, or Heroku are supported by SQLPro Studio.
  1. Multiple Result Sets:
  • The software allows users to execute multiple queries and view the results for each simultaneously, including any errors and messages.
  1. No Java Required:
  • SQLPro Studio is a native Mac app, which is stated to outperform Java-based database management interfaces.
  1. Single Cell Selection:
  • Users can work with results using single or multi-cell selection, similar to a spreadsheet. SQLPro Studio allows the selection of one or more cells at a time, as opposed to full-row selection in other tools.
  1. Compatibility:
  • SQLPro Studio is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.
  1. Homepage:
  • Users can find more information and access the software on the official homepage at SQLPro Studio.

In summary, SQLPro Studio positions itself as a versatile database management tool with support for various database types, a user-friendly interface, cloud compatibility, and features designed to cater to both basic and advanced database needs. The native Mac app is aimed at providing efficient performance without the need for Java.