Name : Screen Recorder by Omi

Size : 24 MB

Download Screen Recorder by Omi Mac v-1.3.4

The Screen Recorder for Mac is a robust tool that offers an array of features to facilitate high-quality video recording directly from your computer screen. Its user-friendly interface enables effortless capturing of various screen activities or camera footage. The recordings are stored in MP4 format, simplifying sharing and accessibility.

Key Features:

  • Full-Screen Recording: Capture the entire screen effortlessly.
  • Area Recording: Specify and record a designated area on the screen.
  • Camera Recording: Capture footage from your camera simultaneously with the screen recording.
  • Window Recording: Record activity within a specific window.
  • Voice Recording: Record audio alongside the video.
  • Camera Picture-in-Picture: Include a camera view in a smaller window within the screen recording.
  • Camera Virtual Background: For macOS 12.0 and above, a feature to include a virtual background for the camera footage.
  • System Sound Recording: Utilize a separate sound driver plugin download and installation for system sound recording.
  • Mouse Click Event Recording: Capture and highlight mouse click events during the recording.
  • Customizable Recording Screen Size: Adjust the screen size and resolution to suit your preferences.
  • Selectable Frame Rate: Choose the frame rate for the recordings.
  • Adjustable Recording Resolution: Customize the recording resolution as needed.
  • Specified Recording Duration: Set a duration for the recording sessions.
  • Built-In Video Editor: Access a video editor within the app for basic editing tasks.
  • Customizable Shortcut Keys: Personalize shortcuts for smoother recording operations.

In-App Purchases:
The Full (PRO) Version is included, offering enhanced functionality and additional features.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

To explore and download the Screen Recorder for Mac, visit the Mac App Store.