Name : Flying.Meat.Retrobatch.Pro

Size : 51.5 MB

Download Retrobatch Pro for Mac free 2.0.3

Retrobatch: Flexible Batch Image Processing Tool

Retrobatch is a versatile batch image processing tool designed for macOS. This application offers a node-based system, allowing users to create flexible and powerful workflows for batch image processing. It is equipped with a range of features to handle various image operations efficiently.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible Processing:
  • Utilize a node-based batch image processor that enables the creation of custom workflows by combining different operations.
  1. Node for Every Operation:
  • Access a dedicated node for each image operation, including DPI adjustments, rotation, machine learning tasks, and custom behaviors with AppleScript.
  1. Super Charged Operations:
  • Optimize images for quick delivery over the internet with powerful operations and functionalities.
  1. Batch Processing:
  • Process a single image or thousands of images simultaneously, supporting common file formats for both input and output.


  • macOS 10.12 or later


Enhance your image processing capabilities with the flexibility and power of Retrobatch, offering a range of features for efficient batch image operations on your Mac.