Name : Permute

Size : 76 MB

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Permute is a versatile media conversion application for macOS, designed to easily convert video, audio, and image files into various formats. Here are some key features and functionalities of Permute:

  1. Easy to Use: Permute offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop simplicity, making it easy for users to convert their media files without the need for complicated options.
  2. Insanely Fast: The application is engineered to be incredibly fast, with support for hardware acceleration capabilities. This ensures that conversions are completed quickly, with MP4 and HEVC presets benefiting from hardware acceleration for even faster performance.
  3. PDF Support: Permute 3 includes support for stitching multiple images into a single PDF, providing users with additional flexibility when working with image files.
  4. Wide Format Support: Permute supports nearly every format for video, audio, and images, and includes device presets to simplify the conversion process for specific devices.
  5. Modern Appearance: The application features a modern design that looks great whether you’re using dark mode or not. It even adjusts its icon based on your macOS theme.
  6. Scheduled Conversions: Users can schedule conversions to start at a specific time, allowing them to optimize their computer resources and avoid interruptions during busy periods.
  7. UI Redesign: Permute 3 has been completely rewritten and redesigned from the ground up, resulting in a faster, more fluent, and visually pleasing user interface.
  8. HEVC (H.265) Hardware Acceleration: Video encoding with HEVC (H.265) now supports hardware acceleration, resulting in conversions that are more than twice as fast.
  9. Groups and Customizations: Users can organize files into groups and set different settings for each group without modifying the preset. This allows for greater flexibility and customization during the conversion process.
  10. Multiple Subtitles: Permute allows users to add or copy multiple subtitle tracks from the source file, making it easy to include subtitles in converted videos.

Overall, Permute is a powerful and versatile media conversion tool that offers a wide range of features to meet the needs of users looking to convert their media files into different formats. It is compatible with macOS 10.11 or later and provides a seamless conversion experience with its intuitive interface and advanced capabilities.