Name : Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Size : 307.2 MB

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Parallels Desktop for Mac is a software that facilitates the seamless operation of both Windows and macOS applications simultaneously. Here are some key features and benefits:

  1. Efficiency: Enables the running of Windows programs that might not be available in the Mac version or the smooth transfer of data while switching from PC to Mac.
  2. Convenience: Offers the ability to run Windows alongside macOS without needing to restart the computer. It allows for easy file sharing, text/image copy-paste, and drag-and-drop functionality between the two operating systems.
  3. Easy Setup: Parallels Desktop swiftly identifies the requirements for setup, ensuring a quick and simple installation process. If Windows installation is necessary, it prompts the user to download and install Windows 11 or select the installed version of Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or Boot Camp.
  4. Performance: Resource-intensive Windows applications run without affecting the Mac’s performance. This includes demanding software such as Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio, or SketchUp.
  5. Design and Functionality: Offers Coherence mode, where the Windows interface is hidden when using applications from that operating system. It also allows the Windows window to take up the entire screen, providing a familiar Windows-like work environment for those transitioning from Windows.
  6. Flexibility: Supports a range of operating systems, including macOS, Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Linux, Unix, and macOS Server.
  7. Touch Bar Support: Provides the ability to add Windows applications to the Touch Bar for easy access and customization.
  8. Device Connectivity: Supports connections for USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire devices in Windows. Bluetooth devices, pens, and printers can work seamlessly with both Windows and macOS.
  9. Retina Display: Offers optimized resizing and independent screen resolution for individual displays.
  10. Optimization: The software automatically adjusts settings and performance for different primary use cases like office work, gaming, design, testing, or software development.
  11. Battery Optimization: The “Travel Mode” helps extend battery life when the device is not connected to a power source.
  12. Integration: Enables the direct opening of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents through Safari in their respective Windows Office desktop applications.
  13. Boot Camp Support: Allows reusing an existing Boot Camp installation by converting it into a virtual machine, with simple instructions provided at startup.


  • macOS 12.0 and later

Parallels Desktop