Name : Overlay

Size : 5 MB

Download Overlay Mac V-4.28

Introducing Overlay, a cutting-edge application designed for macOS 10.15 and later, offering a unique frame feature that revolutionizes your digital workspace. This innovative tool allows users to seamlessly display images or PDFs in a semi-transparent overlay, creating a versatile workspace for a range of tasks.

With Overlay, you can effortlessly copy, trace, or compare designs, images, and documents without disrupting your workflow. The frame can be locked, ensuring stability and preventing interference from mouse gestures, providing a smooth and undisturbed user experience.

Imagine having a transparent overlay of an image or document on your screen, functioning like a digital sticker that you can click through. This feature is especially valuable for artists, designers, and students, offering a dynamic platform to create art, design, or reference photos and screenshots with unparalleled ease.

Explore the possibilities with Overlay and enhance your creative process. Visit our homepage at to unlock a new level of productivity and creativity on your macOS device. Elevate your digital workspace with Overlay today.