Name : Navicat for SQL Server

Size : 182 MB

Navicat for SQL Server for Mac free Download

Navicat for SQL Server offers a comprehensive graphical interface for managing and developing SQL Server databases. It provides a user-friendly platform to create, edit, and delete database objects, as well as execute SQL queries and scripts. Key features include:

  1. Graphical Interface: Easily perform database management tasks with a fully graphical approach.
  2. Database Object Management: Quickly create, edit, and delete database objects such as tables, views, procedures, and more.
  3. SQL Query Execution: Execute SQL queries and scripts directly within the application.
  4. Connectivity: Connect to any local or remote SQL Server instance, and it is compatible with cloud databases like Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure.
  5. Compatibility: Compatible with macOS 10.14 or later.
  6. Note: Certain operations may require disabling the System Integrity Protection (SIP).

For more information and to download Navicat for SQL Server, visit the official homepage: Navicat Homepage