Name : Native Instruments Reaktor

Size : 150.64 MB

Download Native Instruments Reaktor for Mac 6.5.0 Rev2

REAKTOR 6 is a powerful and versatile audio software application developed by Native Instruments. It serves as a creative toolkit for sound designers, musicians, and producers, allowing them to build custom synths, samplers, effects, and sound design tools. With REAKTOR 6, you can experiment with modular patching, use Blocks for rack-style modular synthesis, and explore a vast library of included instruments and user-contributed sounds.

Here are some of the key features and functionalities of REAKTOR 6:

1. Modular DSP Lab: Create custom instruments and effects using a modular approach. Experiment with different modules and routing to design unique sounds and processing chains.

2. Blocks: REAKTOR 6 features Blocks, which are sound-generating and sound-shaping modules that allow you to create modular synthesizers, effects chains, sequencers, and more. The ecosystem is expandable with additional modules from various developers.

3. Unrivaled Sound Quality: REAKTOR is known for its high-quality sound. It offers anti-aliased oscillators, zero-delay feedback filters, granular synthesis engines, and more, all designed with precision to achieve exceptional sound quality.

4. MIDI, OSC, and CV/Gate Connectivity: REAKTOR provides extensive options for connecting to other devices, including MIDI, OSC, and CV/Gate connections. This enables you to connect hardware modular systems, standalone hardware, and other software instruments.

5. Hardware Control: You can control REAKTOR directly from a KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard or MASCHINE. The REAKTOR API allows you to design fully-integrated performance setups, customize parameter mappings, and more.

6. User Community: REAKTOR has a thriving user community with thousands of artists, sound designers, and instrument builders who contribute to the user library, share their creations, and collaborate on sound design projects.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.15 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

REAKTOR 6 is a versatile tool for sound experimentation, synthesis, and sound design. Whether you’re looking to create innovative instruments, effects, or entire soundscapes, REAKTOR provides the platform and tools to bring your sonic ideas to life. It’s used by musicians, sound designers, and enthusiasts to push the boundaries of sound and music.