Name : Money Pro

Size : 48 MB

Money Pro for Mac free Download 2.10.3

“Optimize your financial management with Money Pro is your all-in-one solution for seamless bill planning, budgeting, and account tracking. Enjoy effortless synchronization with iPhone/iPad versions for ultimate convenience, making Money Pro the ideal choice for both home budgeting and business use.

Key Features:


  • Effortlessly mark days on the calendar for bill due dates.
  • Schedule recurring bills with customized periodicity.
  • Streamline transaction tracking by filtering based on selected calendar dates.

Today View:

  • Take a quick glance at upcoming bills for efficient planning.
  • Swiftly approve transactions as they occur.
  • Benefit from Money Pro’s predictive feature, anticipating transactions for the day, even those not manually scheduled.

Bills Due Notifications:

  • Stay on top of your financial commitments with a robust reminder system.
  • Quickly reschedule bills due in the near future (tomorrow, in 3 days, next week).


  • Create comprehensive budgeted entries for both income and expenses.
  • Set distinct budget limits for each entry.
  • Dynamic budget limits for each period, enabling gradual spending reduction month by month.
  • Track the progress of every transaction, category-wise and overall.
  • Visual indicators alert you to potential budget overspending.
  • Analyze and generate on-the-fly budget trend charts for selected categories.

Budget Rollover:

  • Efficiently transfer the leftover budget from the current period to the next.
  • Automatic spending limits activation in case of overspending in previous periods.

Checkbook Register:

  • Centralize all your accounts, including checking, savings, and credit cards.
  • Flexibly set transactions as recurring or one-time only.
  • Maintain a comprehensive balance change history.
  • Organize records with additional fields such as payee, description, check #, and class (personal/business travel expenses).
  • Attach receipt photos for added documentation.

Account Reconciliation:

  • Record transactions and reconcile them seamlessly.
  • Automatic calculation of available balance and cleared balance.

Language and Compatibility:

  • Multi-language support, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, and more.
  • Compatible with macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor.

Experience the power of Money Pro’s intuitive financial tools. Download now on the Mac App Store for a smarter approach to money management.”