Name : MarkMyWords

Size : 8 MB

MarkMyWords for Mac free Download

MarkMyWords is a versatile writing tool designed to simplify the formatting and structuring of articles intended for web publication, while maintaining platform independence through the use of plain text documents. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Markup Language Support: MarkMyWords supports a variety of markup languages including BBCode, Markdown, MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra, Smark, Textile, and Wikitext. This allows users to choose the markup language that best suits their needs.
  2. Live Preview: The application provides a live preview of the content, allowing users to see how the formatted output will appear on webpages in real-time. Additionally, users have the option to add their own CSS stylesheets to customize the appearance further.
  3. Text Templates and Markers: MarkMyWords offers text templates and markers for quick text navigation, enabling users to streamline their writing process and easily navigate through their documents.
  4. Import Functionality: Users can easily import text data from popular RSS readers and web browsers, simplifying the process of gathering and incorporating external content into their documents.
  5. Flexible Fullscreen Mode: The application features a flexible fullscreen mode that provides a distraction-free writing environment, allowing users to focus solely on their content without any distractions.
  6. Plugin System: MarkMyWords includes a plugin system that extends its functionality, offering users additional features and customization options to enhance their writing experience.
  7. Other Features: The application includes various additional features and “little tricks” aimed at streamlining the writing task and improving productivity.

MarkMyWords is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later (64-bit), ensuring broad compatibility with modern Mac systems.

Overall, MarkMyWords offers a comprehensive set of tools and features tailored to writers who need to format and structure their articles for web publication, providing a flexible and efficient writing environment.

You can learn more about MarkMyWords and download it from the official homepage: MarkMyWords Homepage